Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash: It's all that and more!

8:06 AM

Over the past several years I have tried many different Wood Floor Cleaning products which never really seemed to get all the dirt and grime up. 

Yesterday I tried Scott's Liquid Gold wood wash and "WOW" is what I have to say!

Look at the difference that Scott's Liquid Gold made to my floors!

 Photo: A big difference and I have not clear coated it yet

In the picture it looks like my floors are wet, but they are not, this is what using Scott's Liquid Gold did for my dirty grimy Old Wood Floors
was amazed when I first did my spot test and kept going back to touch my floors to make sure they were not still wet and even putting a fan on them just to be sure, and all I could keep saying was wow, look at that!
It seems all I have done lately is work on my home, but it has been such a fun process, yet very time intensive.

It finally became time to work on my old Hardwood Floors which we had originally planned to tear up and replace but in the end decided to try to get another year or so out of them by simply scrubbing them clean, re-staining and clear coating them again ( all the poly had been gone for years).

Here is what Scott's Liquid Gold has to say, and I really have to agree!

  • Ideal for large surface cleaning
  • Safely cleans hardwood floors as well as linoleum and tile floors
  • Dusts and cleans paneling, cabinets and woodwork
  • Fresh, clean fragrance
  • Cleans dirt, grease, grime, fingerprints and smudges
  • Great for cleaning wood, simulated wood, painted surfaces, linoleum, tile, porcelain, vinyl, chrome, brass and fiberglass
  • Leaves no soapy, oily, dulling or sticky residue or buildup
  • Does not streak wood

I fully expected to have to go out and buy some expensive harsh chemical to actually get my floors clean enough to re-stain them, but now that I  have used Scott's Liquid Gold, I now have my go to cleaner for my floors and everything else.

My next project is to repaint my Kitchen cabinets, which will also require a good cleaning as well as sanding. I will be using Scott's Liquid Gold on my cabinets as well because I now know how well it works and it is a product I can rely on to help me keep my 103 year old house looking good not only until we remodel each room, but even after because we plan to replace everything with real hardwood.

Scott's Liquid Gold also cleans laminate, and i plan to use it on my Kitchen floors today, since i have been redoing the Living room wood floors and everyone has been using our back door to come in and out, my kitchen floor has taken a beating and If I am picky about anything, it';s my kitchen and  I want and expect it to be clean at all times. 

I can't say enough good things about Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash Concentrate , it truly made my life easier with all the work I have been doing. It quickly removed years of buildup on my old floors as well as layers of drywall and plaster dust from recently tearing out our walls.

It is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective products on the market and I will now make sure to always have some on hand.

Scott's Liquid Gold carries all kinds of products made especially for Wood Care, and I can't wait to try out all the other great products they have to offer!

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