Starlooks Starbox Review

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Each Month I get excited, I can't wait for Mr. Mailman to deliver my Starlooks Starbox  box so I can explore all of my goodies!

Starlooks Starbox  is a monthly subscription box where for only $15 per month you get a box with several full size goodies loaded inside that are valued way more than the small price you pay..

I loved this month's Starlooks StarBox

The Blush is perfect for a late Winter look and you can wear it day or night. It goes on very smooth with no clumping and applies very evenly. The color is not one I would have purchased for myself and yet it looks Divine on me, yet another reason I love Starlooks Starbox  because it takes me outside my comfort zone to try new things.

Greens are the in colors this Season and you are seeing greens in every variety and they look amazing, so I was excited to see when I opened up my Starlooks box that it has this gorgeous green wrap Abby Rose   Bracelet that I could wear to accessorize . I plan to pair it with a grey tunic top, leggings and boots a long with a few other green accessories and it is going to look great.

I recently started experimenting with accenting my eyes with different color eye pencils and only had 1 or 2 that I had been using, in my Starlooks box this month it had 2 more! The shimmery green is just amazing. I have never had an eye pencil that glides on as smooth as this one does and the color really just pops and I love the looks I can create with it.

The second was a brown, which was another that I did not have, because I tend to stick to my comfort zones of blues and blacks. The Brown really rocks my eyes and I am enjoying the different ways that I can use it , I am like a little kid at Christmas!

Another great item was the eye shadow blending brush. As I said, I have been experimenting with different looks and brushes can get super expensive. I hate wasting money on a brush only to find out that it is not of good quality. This brush from Starlooks works awesome and is a very good quality. I love the way it just smoothly blends things in and it practically glides!

Where, other than Starlooks, could you get this much goodness in one box for $15? You really couldn't! I have had a lot of subscription boxes which claim to send you more than your money's worth and 9 times out of ten you get a small box with a few sample size products to try. Starlooks sends you full size Beauty Products each month and you get the chance to try some high end things for a fraction of what you would pay else ware. I cannot imagine letting a month go by with out getting my Starlooks Box and knowing I am acquiring beauty products I love for practically nothing.

Starlooks will ask you a few questions to help customize each month;s box to your skin tones and preferences, and you can cancel anytime ( though I can't imagine why you would want too) . if you want to see what came in a few of my past boxes just to see that they are really worth the money just take a look at my past reviews.

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