Syncrohearts Board Game for Couples!

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Syncrohearts Game Box

How well do you really know your partner? Wouldn't you love to have a fun way not only to get to know each  other better but to have fun while doing it?

 My 10th Anniversary as well as Valentine's Day is coming up this week and what a perfect way to see how much we really know about each other and to rediscover anything we have lost over the years.

Syncrohearts is a game designed for couples and provides you not only with some much needed romance, but a chance to spend some quality fun time together while rediscovering all those things you had forgotten about. 

A board game made just for couples, and it takes less than an hour of your time, yet you learn so much about each other in that short amount of time and it truly can bring you closer together. 

Unlike other couples games, Syncrohearts does not focus solely on the sexual aspect of a relationship, but on the relationship as a whole.  

 Game Board

The game comes with the Board, 2 game pieces, 1 die, 4 sets of special game cards and instructions on how to play . It does contain sexual content so be sure to make sure to play where you have privacy. 




 The special game cards are really fun, and can make you remember why you fell in love. The decks consists of :


Insights cards

Hot Stuff Cards

4 Fun cards

Couples cards 


When moving around the board, the spaces correspond to the different decks, and you pick a card from the deck in which you have landed on the space. My favorite was landing on the insights space because it really gave me an opportunity to find ways to rekindle to closeness and friendship we had. Chris has been my best friend for ten years and sometimes it's easy to take your partner for granted and forget the closeness you share, especially when you have a family, jobs and everything else that goes with life thrown in the middle.


My husband was hesitant at first and thought it was going to be just silly, but we actually had a great time playing Syncrohearts and we loved the fact that we had a chance to laugh together, reminisce about times in the past and to see what all we had to look forward to in our relationship .







Syncrohearst reminded us that we needed to take time for us as a couple and how important it was to share that time and closeness. communication is all important to any relationship and playing Syncrohearts reminds you of this in a fun, intimate and loving way. It felt good to really laugh with each other and forget the stress of everyday life for a little while. As a busy family with 7 kids , our own small business and different interest, we have really not taken the time to spend any quality time together and date night fell on the wayside long ago when by the end of each evening all we wanted to do was to kick back, relax and not worry about going out.


I can easily see us playing Syncrohearts on a regular basis, and the fact that some cards have twist that give you from 7 to 30 days to complete makes it all the more fun as well as an adventure you can embark on to surprise your partner. 


This would also be a great gift for Newlyweds and the newly engaged couples, it would help to strengthen the relationship they already have and keep the fire going for many years to come.


Syncrohearst is a very affordable game and the best part is that it comes with a money back guarantee because they are so sure you will love it!


They also now have a new love games app for you as well!


Syncrohearts was developed by a man ( yes, it's true!) trying to find a way to improve upon his relationship as well. Dr. Love as he is now considered, had much success with the game, and after playing it myself, I can see why!


To learn more about Syncrohearts or to purchase one for yourself or as a gift just visit them  on their website : 

Facebook at 








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