The Facts of Retail from a Retail Employee: Guest Post

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 The Retail facts to make your shopping go smoothly

Guest Post by: Dawn T.

 I am a substitute teacher (right now I am doing a long term job as a school nurse) during the day but I have been working at Target in the evenings and on weekends since November.

Top 10 things I have learned from working Part time in Retail and would like to pass on:

We are a store...not a bank...if you need change for the Laundromat then get it at the Laundromat or your bank. If you buy something and want change, we are more than happy to give you change, but our rolls of quarters are for giving change to our guests, not for washing your clothes!

I won't know if you brought your own bags...unless you tell me! Don't load up all of your items on my conveyor belt and put your bags last and not tell me and expect me to use them! And don't get irritated with me for having to take everything out of plastic bags and re-bag if you insist on using your own bags to save a plastic tree (that joke never gets old...)

If you are buying a greeting card or 10...learn to put the bar code facing out and it won't take your cashier three times as long to scan them all for you.

Coupons are great, we would not accept them and even make them available to print from our website if we did not want you to use them, but please don't bite my head off when I won't take your expired coupons.
Also, please make sure that you are actually buying the item you are trying to use a coupon for! I cannot tell you how many times a guest hands me a coupon for an item that was not in their cart.

You do not have to shield the pin pad when you are punching in your pin number. I cannot read what numbers you are typing anyway and even if I did, I check out over 100 guests each night...there is NO way I am going to remember YOUR pin number!

If you are applying for one of our credit cards...yes we will be asking for basic information like your name, address, social security number and yearly income. We are not going to just give a credit card to you because you asked...we need to check your credit history. Don't jump down my throat because the application asks for these bits of information...

No I cannot just ring up the Earl Grey Tea you forgot to put in your basket and then you can run and get it...I do not have all of the items UPC's or codes memorized...I only have the code for bananas is 8011 in case you ever wanted to know!

When I ask to see your ID when you are buying alcohol, I am not kidding or trying to flatter you, I physically CANNOT continue the sale without scanning your ID.

Think twice about what you put in your basket or cart and whether or not you are really going to buy it. If you decide at the register you do not want your jar of salsa, bag of lemons, package of meat, bottle of juice or any other food items, we will gladly take them back for you...but we will be throwing them away, not returning them to our shelves. The same goes for that package of bacon or eggs you put in the soda cooler for us so they would stay cold. ANY abandoned food will be thrown out, no questions asked, period. I know that this is a policy to protect consumers from getting a product that was put back on the shelf after someone had it in their cart for several hours and then decided that they don't have the cash for it or they just changed their mind.

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