Tortuga Rum Cake, Turtles & More Review & Giveaway

9:19 AM

Want an Awesome Gift for your Valentine that will leave them speechless?

Now this is a deal I can't pass up, especially since i Just tried the Tortuga Rum Cake as well as the Chocolate Rum Turtles with Sea Salt  and Jamacia Blue Mountain Coffee Beans..Oh My what a taste!

Many years ago when I was vacationing in the Cayman Islands, I had a chance to try the Tortuga Rum Cake and I remembered loving it but was not even aware you could purchase it online. Once I was sent one to review, I was reminded of why I liked it so much and why I will be ordering again. This cake is so moist it simply melts in your mouth. You can taste the rum but it is not so over powering that you cannot enjoy the cake. The mix of the cake and the rum was perfect and I love the way the cake came in the box, sealed in plastic to keep the moisture inside as well.

I also had a chance to try the Tortuga Chocolate Rum Turtles with Sea Salt and being that we all know how much I love Carmel, pair it with rum and sea salt and it has such an amazing taste. They do taste different from any other Chocolate Turtle I have ever tried and I was impressed with the overall flavor , and once again, I loved the look of the box it came in.

The Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee was wonderful. I am a big coffee drinker and I usually not only drink coffee in the mornings but throughout the day as well because my days tend to be long and busy and I need that extra jolt of caffeine to keep me going since I try to stay away from Soda.  The Jamacia Blue Mountain Coffee will blow your mind, the smell alone was enough to make my mouth water while I waited for it to brew. You can buy this in roasted or in beans, I had the beans so it was torture to smell those beans and then still have to wait to brew...yet it made me savor it all the more.

These would be a great Valentine's Gift for anyone on your list , and they also make great House Warming, Engagement and Birthday gifts as well.  You can order directly from the Tortuga Site and as you can see by the picture above, they have some great deals going on right now that you may want to take advantage of as well.

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