Update on our Home renovations.....

10:27 PM

Many of you have followed me throughout our home remodeling of our 1910 built home.

The Saga continues and I wanted to update you all because i Have had 1176 emails ( yes, it's true) about how my renovations have been coming a long and what comes next.

It is a slow process, and money factors in to every step we take. We have now finished with all the dining room wall demo and part of the living room. The Archways have been finished and we have hung drywall. The painting will begin this week.

Our biggest issues.....we seriously need more room, especially in our main living area's, however, financially we currently cannot afford to add on to the current living room even though it would be our ideal solution. We would like to reposition our main entry door, and add about 8 feet to the length of the living room which would require an actual addition, so for the time being we have chose to only demo half the walls and replace plaster with drywall and add archways to open the space up a bit. We are also planning to replace the flooring in those 2 main area's in the near future.

Our biggest issue is that even with 3000 square feet, we are busting at the seems. We have 6 kids still at home and my kitchen is only 120 square feet total ( this includes the space the appliances and cabinets set in) , our cabinets are so old they are falling apart and my floors are embarrassing. We are not sure we can afford to tackle such a project right now though.

I think opening up our 2 main spaces, adding proper lighting ( we currently have 1956 light fixtures but we have updated all of our electric and most of our plumbing already) and some bright airy furniture and accents will make a huge difference, or at least I hope so.

We have also renovated and replaced the flooring in the main downstairs bathroom and all the cabinetry and sink, next comes finishing the drywall and adding a new tub/shower. The upstairs has a half bath which we hope to find has already been plumbed to add a small stand up shower because 1 bathroom for 6 kids is insane.

I will post pictures of before and after in the next few days and again when we start adding lighting and decorating!

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