Vamping Vamps E-Cigarettes: Made for Women, By Women!

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 Vaping Vamps

I have  really been wanting the opportunity to try E-cigarettes and have  heard many good things about them and really wanted to give up smoking cigarettes loaded with additives and all the other stuff that makes them not so good for you.

I recently tried out the Vamping Vamps E-Cig in Natural tobacco flavor and had a great experience. Now, these are made for Women, By women, but my husband tried it out as well and was quiet impressed.

The Vampstick Try Me has one rechargeable battery, two cartomizers and a USB adapter. Try it!

Now, the first thing I noticed about it was that the packaging was super cute, which may not matter much to a man, but impressed me because it was stylish and did not make you think cigarette at all.

I love the idea behind the Vamping Vamps Try Me Kit - It is not a cheap throw away e-cig but yet includes 1 rechargeable battery, 2 refill cartomizers, and a usb charger  and you can use it over and over. However, based on the price range, which are all very affordable and priced much less than competitor brands, I would go with a full kit, because you get so much more for just a little extra money, which in my book is a plus.
Now, This is what I always get a kick out of...a cigarette charged by USB...a genius idea if I ever heard one, yet very practical considering that in today's technology driven world, we spend a lot of time with our computers.

Vamping Vamps also has a decreasing level nicotine kit called the Tri-level kit, which I am going to give a go as I really want to give up smoking all together, it's important for me to take care of my health and this is the first step.

The Tri-Level kit contains :

  • Two lithium rechargeable batteries
  • Five cartomizers* (equal to about two packs) in three different nicotine strengths: two high, two medium and one low
  • One USB charger
  • One wall charger
  • All in a beautiful gift box 

Now, these is technically designed for you to figure out your desired strength, but personally I think it would be perfect for someone who really wants to give up smoking and cannot do it cold turkey but yet wants to do it step by step.

I tried the original Tobacco flavor and I was quiet impressed overall. It has the rich aroma that I have become accustomed too, without all the extra additives and the vapor was actually quiet low.

It also has a simple 2 part design unlike most other brands which are three parts and a little harder to assemble and maintain.

Again, I love the fact that you can charge it via's the smallest things that impress me.

The overall price points for the Vamping Vamps E-Cigs are much more competitive than other brands you will find on the market and I guarantee you will not find them in a cute, stylish package such as Vamping Vamps provides.

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