Wantable Box review: Oh So Fine!!

7:35 AM

It's official, I have found the most amazing Beauty Box subscription yet.  Wantable....and it definitely lives up to it's name. 

Who wouldn't love a box filled with goodies that are personalized just for you and your style? I  know that I love it, and after reading my review, I bet you will be a "Wantable" fan as well!

So, what exactly is a Wantable Box? It is a box filled with products just for you
  • 4 to 6 full-size premium makeup products.
  • Hand-selected by beauty expert Teresa "T" Sammarco.
  • Expert application advice for each product.
  • Customized to your style and product preferences.
  • Free shipping and free returns.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

I was ,without a doubt, more than satisfied....take a look at what I received.

 Can you believe all of these goodies came in 1 box?  The Cheek Candy , A Silky Creame Blush,  is amazing and it is now my go to blush.  I love the way it smoothly glides on my cheeks without matting up and looking caked on. The color is called Sunset and it really does give you a Summer Glow look.

The Glitter is a great compliment to any style and looks amazing. i am impressed with the overall quality and look after applying it!
 Blingtone from Myface cosmetics in gilt-y, is a great compliment to any Winter look. It really brightens up your eyes and gives you a warm look that you can wear day or night. I love the glittery look especially when going out at night, but it also versatile enough that you can tone it down for a professional or casual daytime look as well.
 You can't go wrong with this lipstick. It is silky smooth, yet very long lasting. I tend to gravitate toward medium to darker colors for my lips to make them stand out because my lips are thin, and this was the perfect choice for me, something I would have chosen myself! Again, if you take a look at the picture above you can see how well it looks on.
  The MiA BelleZZa  Long Lasting eye liner in Indigo is awesome. It is an automatic eye liner where you simply twist it up when it starts getting low. Again, something I personally would have chosen myself and as you can see in my picture above, I love the look of it after applying and the way it makes my eyes pop out.
 Next up is the Color Club Nail Art Lacquer in Silver Glitter. This really is a nice Nail Art addition and the tip of the applicator is fine so you can make the designs or lines you want without using any additional tools. It also stays on yet is easy to take off unlike some other glitter polishes and art I have previously used.
 I also received two fragrance samples from SPADARO, one in Doux Armor and another in Sole Nero. Both are amazing fragrances with scents that are perfect for me. Not too strong , yet strong enough to allow a hint of the scent to come through all day without being overpowering.

 Last but not least, I also received a sample of fragrance from kaifragrance.com. This was one of my favorites from my Wantable box. The fragrance was deep, yet light at the same time. I used this fragrance one morning and assumed I would have to apply more later in the day before continuing my work but even by late afternoon it was still there and I got many compliments on it. It was not a strong scent and seemed more like a time release to me, because I got a hint of it a few times throughout the day.

Wantable boxes can be purchased via monthly subscription or if you simply want to give them a try before you commit, you can purchase a single customized box. Once you get your first box, you will definitely want to subscribe, it's just that awesome!

Wantable also has a Monthly Jewelry box that you can subscribe to as well, also customized for you,so if you are an accessories and jewelry person, that would be a great addition at a small cost so you can add to your collections.

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