Zevia Soda Review & Giveaway

7:14 AM

Zevia Soda....what most say is the smarter choice in Soda. Zero Calories...Big Taste in my opinion.

I had the opportunity to try 6 flavors of Zevia and I must say I was impressed. I definitely was not expecting the flavor that I got from Zevia considering it is a no calorie soda. Once i received the Zevia I put it in the fridge immediately to chill, because the states that it is best when it is the coldest.

My personal favorite was the Lime Cola. It had a nice refreshing taste to it you could not tell you were drinking a soda with zero calories. It went down smoothly with no nasty after taste that many low calorie and no calorie Soda's usually have. These are best if you drink them straight from the can so they do not go flat.

My son, Alek, preferred the Ginger Ale, he says it taste the same if not better than any other Ginger Ale he has drank before and that he would drink it again if I bought it. As a Teenager who really likes his soda, that is a huge endorsement, coming from him. 

Zevia is also great for my 10 year old to drink because we have to monitor her sugar intake and we usually do not allow her to have much if any caffeine. Now she can drink a soda and not feel left out, and when we take trips, I will remember to stock up on Zevia so she can have some to drink as well instead of her normal milk or flavored water.

Zevia is available in 15 different flavors for every taste bud out there. It is made with Stelva, and has no artificial sweeteners, so the choice of drinking Zevia over other Soda's is the best choice you can make.

Zevia is offering one of my readers a chance to win a 6 pack for themselves

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