8th Graders Face Felony charges for a stink bomb???

7:37 AM

It saddens me to think of what our society has come too....when I was a kid, I remember being able to play outside until the street lights came on, enjoying school while learning at the same time and making friends that would last a lifetime.

As kids, we played pranks, we had fun, yet we never really got in any major trouble. I think the most trouble I ever got in to was leaving school before the 1st bell with about 30 of my classmates and going to the park for a cookout and volleyball...yes, I skipped school! we also got caught and the Principal and Vice Principal came after us and took us back to school and called our parents...but I will never forget that day when we were driving down a dirt road knowing the Principal was coming after us but trying to get away anyway...

I read this story this morning, and I am saddened by what things have come too...had we have done this, we probably would have gotten a good spanking and a few days suspension. I'm not sure how I feel about this...This happened in the town I live in ....

Parents of a 8th grade middle school student are furious after their son Zach Bonsnjak, 14, was arrested for setting a stink bomb off on a school bus. The parents are mad not because he is being punished, but because he is charged with a felony. Bonsnjak along a fellow 8th grader were arrested Wednesday afternoon for setting off two smoke or stink bombs at Karns Middle School. Both are being charged with carrying or possession of weapons on school property. That's considered a felony. The two were released from the Richard Bean Juvenile Center Wednesday night on a $3,000 bond.

What do you guys think?

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