Ban T-Shirts Review

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 Ban T-shirts: Political T-shirts & Environmental Organic T-shirts

Ban T-Shirts has a wide range of T-Shirts ranging from Political T-Shirts to Organic Shirts and more.

All these T-Shirt are sweatshop free and made right here in the Good Ole USA.


The Slogan?

You buy a Tee- We plant a Tree!

What Ban T-Shirts have to say about their Shirts:

Alternative T-shirts - our apparel is an alternative to the repetitive conformist clothing that you will find in malls and department stores. Why wear a shirt with the word "Gap" or "Nike" on it when you can make a meaningful statement?
Screen printing delivers a high quality T-shirt print. Our T-shirt designs are screen printed onto 100% cotton shirts, a process whereby each color is printed separately onto the garment - we don't use transfers like some t-shirt sites. All our stock is guaranteed sweat shop free and is made in the USA - and most of our designs are now printed on organic T-shirts.
Progressive and liberal T-shirts with a message. At Ban T-Shirts we rack our brains to bring you the coolest left-wing T-shirts and most radical political T-shirts on the Internet. We make political apparel that appeals to progressives, liberals, socialists, democrats, greens, ecologists, anarchists and libertarians. Buy a T-shirt today and help spread the word. T-shirts designed mostly by Duncan Carson.

Although you may disagree with some of the slogans and saying on the shirts they sell, I bet you can find one that you like and enjoy and would be proud to wear. 

Ban T-Shirts has very competitive pricing compared to many other T-Shirt companies with the almost same likeness as these.

I was given the "There is no Planet B" T-Shirt to review. I loved the feel of the shirt and it was very well made. It did not shrink when washed and actually held it's shape and size very well.

Ban T-Shirts give you a way to express yourself without going overboard.

Overall,  I enjoyed the opportunity to try out a T-Shirt from Ban T-Shirts and would recommend them as the go to place for all of your political, environmental, and controversial T-Shirts!

Ban T-Shirts is offering 1 of my readers a chance to win a T0Shirt of their choice from Ban T-Shirts!

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