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I love the name of this company, it immediately catches your attention. However, once you visit the site and see the wonderful and comfy products, the name will not be the only thing catching your attention.

I received the Comfy Red Plush PJ's with Hood and now, I am in love.  These came at the perfect timing as well, when it was Icky and Cold outside and I was simply exhausted from several long days of work outside and inside the Home as well as all the normal "mommy" stuff we do. I actually expected Chris to laugh when I put them on that night, but to my surprise he was like Oh, those are cute, and he meant it! After dinner and chores, I changed in to my new Big Feet BJ's and retired to the Family room to watch T.V. It was my big "T.V." night to watch Survivor and a few other shows I really like, and one of the only  nights I find myself in front of the T.V.

These Onesie  Pajama's were the most comfortable thing I think I have ever put on. It felt like I was wrapped in a big comfy and Soft Blanket.

These pajamas were really plush and soft and very well made. I have since washed them probably 8 or 9 times and they are still the same softness and shape as they were when I first got them. They are made of 100 % Plush and you can tell. I know many companies advertise how soft the pajamas are but these hold true.  They have a very easy to zip front zip that goes all the way up as well as non-slip footies, which came in handy on my Hardwood floors.

I now have a go-to every morning when I wake up at 5:00a.m., I immediately put on my Plush Big Feet PJ's and head to my office with my coffee to start my day before I start waking kids up. No more searching around in the dark for Sweats and socks, I just grab my plush PJ's off the bathroom hook and I am all set. Normally, I would grab some sweats, socks and wake Chris up fumbling around then tromp through the house to the office, turn on my little heater and grab a blanket and huddle up for a few minutes before waking the first of the kids up. Now, I truly don't need the blanket or the heater, as these Pajama's are really that warm and the most comfortable thing I own.

Big Feet PJ's has such a huge range of styles and sizes from infants to adults and they are very affordable. I know that I will be putting more of these on my wish list as well as getting some for all the kiddo's in the house. I know they would love them, especially on those cold winter mornings with our hardwood floors. You can also choose to get them with the optional drop-seat ( which I really wish I would have done)

Now, I need to get a pair for Spring and Summer because I can't imagine having to wait until next Fall to wear my Big Feet PJ's again.

Big Feet PJ's are very high quality footed pajama's for all ages, you won't find a better made, more comfortable adult onesie from anywhere else! 

Big Feet PJ Company has supplied me with a code so my readers can use it to get 15 % off their purchase ( trust me, you really wan these)

Visit and use code  BEAR13 when checking out for your discount

Wait....that isn't all......

Big Feet PJ's is graciously offering to host a giveaway so one of my readers can have a pair for themselves!

Simply enter on the rafflecopter below

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