Calgon, yes it took me away!

7:43 AM

I grew up loving Calgon and somewhere a long the way in my adult years, I had forgotten about Calgon and how great it used to make me feel. 

I recently had the opportunity to try out some of Calgon's new products and I have to say, they are as wonderful, if not better, than I remembered.Calgon used to be known for it's take me away bath beads but they really are so much more!

The Hawaiian Ginger Massaging Beauty Bar got my attention right off the bat, because the smell was simply awesome. The Hawaiian Ginger is a blend of orange and melon blends as well as Lemon and Hawaiian ginger. The Massaging Beauty Bar was wonderful. I love the way the nodes that are on the bar really massage your skin while leaving you feeling fresh and clean . the nodes are said to stimulate circulation while cleansing, and I would have to agree that it does as it says.  

I enjoyed the smell of the Hawaiian Ginger. It was not overpowering at all, and had a relaxing effect on me. I now use it on a daily basis and I always get complimented on the smell from Chris. The Massaging Beauty Bar from Calgon also has a moisturizing effect and I can tell the difference in the fact that I no longer need to use a ton of body moisturizer, even with these harsh Tennessee temps that go up and down and usually leave my skin dry and in need of TLC.

Now, I could have indulged and used all 3 products at once, but I wanted to truly find out what each had to offer as a stand alone product, so I tried them out separately.

The Morning Gory Shower Gel and Foam Bath really is a go to for the shower. I have always loved the smell of Morning Glories and this did not disappoint me in any way. I loved the lather it supplied and the smell simply gave me the most relaxed feeling. I only had to use a small amount to get the desired effectiveness of the product and after my shower, my entire bathroom still smelled amazingly like Morning Glory. My skin really glowed and the scent of Morning Glory still clung faintly to me and I felt really clean and invigorated.

Now we come to my favorite product from Calgon that I have tried so far.

The Vanilla Passion Nourishing Body Cream is simply amazing. I have never been a big fan of Vanilla, even though Chris loves it. When I tried the Vanilla Passion Nourishing Body Cream from Calgon, I got a whole new outlook on Vanilla. This body cream truly does exactly as it says. It is smooth and creamy and the smell is to die for. The texture of this Nourishing Body cream is very silky yet thick enough that you only need a little at a time to cover any area you desire. The Nourishing Body Cream from Calgon has Vitamin E, A and Aloe which allows the product to work all day long. You only need to apply this once a day to get the full effect. 

I do, however, find that I keep this with me everywhere I go. I now have a tube in my car and on my desk as well as in my powder room. It's like an addiction. My hands have never been more smooth and the normal way my skin dries out in the Winter is no longer. I can't imagine ever using another Body Cream now that I have found this product. I even went out and bought 3 other smells that way I could find my favorite, which surprisingly, is Vanilla passion.

I can't wait to try more of the products Calgon has on the Market, because Calgon can take me away any day!

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