Firmoo Glasses: Review & First Pair Free Offer

10:58 AM

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It's hard to find Eye Glasses that are both Stylish and affordable. Firmoo has achieved just that!

I had the opportunity to try out a pair of Firmoo Prescription Eye Glasses and I absolutely love them. 

Ordering my glasses was a very simple process. Go to Firmoo, browse through the wide selection of glasses they have to offer until you find the perfect pair for you. Firmoo has a special feature you can use to help you find out if the glasses will be the right "look" . They give you how the glasses would look on different face profiles based on the shape of your face, so it's easy to get an idea of how they would fit on you.

Once you have chosen your preferred pair, simply enter your prescription information and you are finished. You can also get them in non prescription as well just to change up your look and have some stylish new glasses.

I chose the Women's Glasses below in the picture. I was super excited for them to arrive and anxiously checked my mail everyday, I was quiet surprised at how quick they got here. One thing I really like about these glasses is the fact that they do not have the nose pieces that tend to fall off quickly or become deformed or bent.

These glasses are the Bomb! 

Using the try on feature from Firmoo helped me pick a pair that looked great on my face shape and my prescription was dead on. You can even upload your own picture of yourself and see how the glasses would look on you. That is such a great feature and really helped me to choose the pair I liked best.I have had so many compliments since wearing these glasses. 

Firmoo is also offering your First Pair FREE ,where  you can get your first pair free and only pay shipping. You can find all the details and see how easy it is by visiting Firmoo First Pair Free.Shipping is more resonable than I have seen on any other site as well, so this is a super good deal , so for those of you who are wanting a new pair of glasses you  need to hurry and take advantage of this super offer. They also have prescription and non prescription Sunglass tint as well and that will be my next aquisition because I never go anywhere without my Sunglasses, no matter the season. 

Overall, I am impressed not with just the style of glasses I chose but the quality as well. The frame is very sturdy and well made and is a perfect fit. Each pair of glasses come in a durable case with a nice carry pouch as well as a cleaning cloth and repair kit.

So have a look around Firmoo and find your perfect fit and style and enjoy a free pair of glasses or sunglasses, you won't find a better deal! If you have already tried your first pair free, you can go ahead and order a new pair and get free shipping on orders $39 and over.

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