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   Funzee USA

My kids and I had so much fun with this review!

Funzee are the Adult Onesies, and who knew they could bring so much laughter to us. I got this great Funskin to review and fully intended to be the one who got to have all the fun, yet my teenage son decided he just had to have it, and alas I have seen him wear it everyday now for the past week ( It has been washed lol)

Alek is my wild child who likes to have fun and honestly he has been wanting a funskin for such a long time, I was happy that he finally got one.

Now, Alek really wanted the Black but we got the Blue, but he loves it as well.

The Funskin is made of super soft stretchy material and totally covers your body letting no one see in, yet you can see out.

Funskin is a zentai suit; the full spandex/lycra body suit or catsuit which suddenly makes you anonymous and turns you in to... The Shadow super hero. If you choose blue you can transform in to... The Blue Shadow.
These bodysuits are like a second skin ,a funskin, so they follow the contours of your body from head to toe.

The stretch, elasticated fabric covers feet, hands and head and there is a double zip at the back, which goes right to the top of the head, for ease of access.
 Don’t worry, you can breathe through the fabric and see through it but ordinary people can’t see you (or your face anyway, please note you will not actually be invisible). Flies in your wine? Some say you can even drink through your funskin thereby sieving the contents but obviously we wouldn’t suggest a super hero drinks whilst on the job. And if you want to reveal your identity you can just unzip the head part and fold down.

I personally think this is perfect for Teenagers, and also would make a great costume piece for adults to keep on hand for those times when you need to go in style and anonymity.

Funzee also has tons of other stylish and comfortable onesies made just for adults. I can't wait to try out some of the others just for myself. They look so super comfortable and would be perfect for me when I get up so early and sit huddled in my office as I prepare for my day and getting my kids up and ready.

I also got to try the Festival Stripy Socks, and these are perfect for me. No more slipping and sliding around on my wood floors in the mornings!

Festival Stripy Socks (must be ordered with a Funzee)

What I really want to try next is the Blues Onesie, not only is it cute as can be, but it looks fun and comfortable. I think I have found a new addiction to Funzee Pajama's!


Although funzee was created in the Uk they have recently expanded the market to the U.S. and you can find all the fun products they have to offer on the website as well as keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Funzee is very affordable priced and I know they will be on a few people's gift list for Birthday's and Holidays. I already  have 3 of my teenagers begging for a Funzee for themselves.

Want a chance to win a funzee for yourself?  Take a look at the site and tell me here which one you like best.

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