KicKee Pants Review: Baby Time!

5:47 PM

 Kickee Pants Retail Shopping

As most of you know, we are excited that any day/time now we will welcome our First Grandchild Asher in to the world. 

Jessica and Alex had not yet picked out an outfit to bring Asher home in yet but were looking for just the right one. They are young and this being the first child, they want to do everything they can to make sure his welcome is the best yet.

KicKee Pants was awesome enough to send us this adorable Print Long Sleeve Onesie in winter Stripe. This has to be the softest, most adorable onesie ever. It is 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Lycra and we can't wait to show Asher off in this. Jessica has it packed to bring him home in because she loves the idea of the Bamboo and the natural aspect as well as how soft it will be on his sensitive newborn skin.

We are all now in love with KicKee Pants and can't wait to start ordering more things for Baby Asher. 

KicKee Pants is a family run company that takes pride in the clothing they sell and states that their own Children inspire the designs they sale. I like the fact that the clothing is so unrestricted and that Asher will be able to move around comfortably in it.

Now, KicKee Pants is not just for babies, they also have some amazing looking Maternity Wear and Pajamas for women as well as adorable clothing for up to 6 years. I wish I had girls that age because I would be all over those cute little dresses!

KicKee Pants offers everything from Little Girls Bloomers to Little Boys Jeans and they are very reasonable priced, especially with the products being such High quality. You can also purchase gifts for New babies or Kids Birthdays and Christmas as well as Gift Certificates right on the website. 


I know that I will personally have a hard time not buying everything I see for Asher from KicKee Pants, because let me tell you, if you have not visited the website, you need too, just to  see what all they have. It's worth a look around even if you don't have small kids because you never know when someone you know will be looking for those sizes and you can be the Most awesome person ever and tell them about KicKee Pants.

I can't wait to share the pictures of Asher in his little Long Sleeve Winter Strip Onesie from KicKee Pants with you all, I just know he will be adorable( okay, so being biased he would be adorable no matter what but KicKee Pants will make him super duper adorable)

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