Life, Spring and the Pursuit of leaving the nest and more

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We all have times when life just simply gets hectic.

With 6 kids still at home and 2 graduating in less than 7 weeks, A Grandson on the way and a business to run, not to mention my blog, it stays hectic here, but I have to admit, I love it.

I woke up this morning and heard the birds chirping and thought, "wow" this is going to be a beautiful day, and it was, just not what I expected. I looked out my Balcony Doors off my bedroom to see.........SNOW! I think Mother Nature forgot that this is Spring. It is very unusual for Tennessee to have snow this late in the year and to be honest, I am very ready for Spring and Summer, even though it means new beginnings in our lives.

After Graduation, My 18 year old leaves for Boot Camp in early June, he is my personal oldest, so while I am a proud Mom, I am also heart broken that I am "losing" my baby. I find days where I just can't believe how much he has grown and how he will be leaving me. He has always been a Mommas boy, so this is going to be super hard on me, although I know it is what he has wanted since he was 10 and he is going in at the highest grade possible for a High School Senior, an E-3. He has had 4 years of ROTC , My baby is flying the coop, so to speak.

My oldest Step-son and his wife are having a baby...on my Birthday! In just a few days we will have our very first Grandchild, and that is super exciting, yet scary at the same time. No one likes to think they are getting older, least of all me.

I am ready for Spring for sure. I want to be outside playing in my Garden, planting flowers, and yes, even mowing and Weed Eating our yard. I took that chore over several years back and I get all bent out of shape if someone else in the house decides to do my job!  Last year, Chris decided that because of My back, I should not be jostled around on the mower and took it upon himself to mow the first 3 times of the year before i got to it, needless to say, I put an end to that! I love that he cares, but don't mess with my yard!

Summer time this year will bring many changes for us. Family Reunion, and hopefully a Family vacation or two or three. We have never traveled with less than 5 kids for a vacation, so it will be strange with only 4 in tow this year and years to come. I guess, as a parent, you get used to it, but I don't think I can ever get used to my kids being adults!

The work we are doing on our home also continues, with remodeling, renovations and updating, so I plan to keep busy. The kids will be Happy when we get our Pool cleaned and ready to go for Summer and have already been asking how soon we can open it up....and we still have snow on the ground!

We really like to travel, and are thinking of places for Vacation this year and a couple of mini Vacations, so i would love to hear ideas from my readers on places to go. They must be Kid friendly ( except one will be just the 2 of us for a long weekend somewhere, so I love to hear places you have escaped to for ideas as well).Keep in Mind I also have a mildly mentally challenged daughter who s 16, she loves vacationing, so places she would enjoy is a plus!

What are your Plans for Spring and Summer? Do you have any  Special dates coming up or momentous occasions?

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