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Monkey's not just for Monkeys!


Okay, so it really isn't for Monkeys at all, but for us fun loving Humans who need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to any number of those tricky annoying skin irritants we can get or that our kids frequently find attached to them.

Monkey Balm is actually a tube of this amazing relief balm that has Organic Sea Buckthorn oils as the main ingredient and has been  clinically proven to improve symptoms of eczema, extreme dryness, even burns and wounds.

Cassie seems to find every thing outside that could possibly cause her skin to get irritated and we frequently have to put benedryl cream on her legs and arms to stop the rash or itching, but it never seems to really make it go away. I was very surprised at how quickly Monkey Balm made her stop itching after one such episode this past weekend when she rolled around in the grass and had a rash from arms to toes. 

We applied the no mess application of Monkey Balm right from the tube and she stopped itching within less than 30 minutes and was being to non stop chatter and not even thinking about her grass rash like she normally is. 

I have also been using the Monkey Balm on my hands because they have become cracked and cry this year with our ever changing weather that cannot seem to make up it's mind here in Tennessee.I started noticing an improvement after only the 2nd day of using Monkey Balm on my hands and this is day 3 and I think I am ready for a Mani/Pedi because my skin is no longer hurting so bad from being cracked and dry. In the picture below you can see how although my skin is still dry, it has been healing at warp speed!

The Sea Buckthron , the main ingredient in Monkey Balm has been a proven healer for centuries. According to Monkey Balm's website , these are some of the ways Sea Buckthorn has been used:

Reducing of inflammation
Soothing of discomfort from numerous skin conditions
Helping to heal wounds and burns
Promoting healing of acne, rosacea, eczema, and
Hydration and moisturizing of the skin

Improvement of skin tone and texture I will not personally endorse a product unless I have tried it and believe in it, and I really do believe in Monkey Balm and am going to make sure to keep plenty handy this Spring and Summer. Monkey Balm is also good for Sunburn, so I foresee us using a lot of Monkey Balm this year as as soon as we get our pool cleaned, we end up with several kids that look like little lobsters because they want to stay out in it all day long and forget to reapply sunscreen.

Once you try Monkey Balm you will be recommending it to all of your friends, especially friends with kids. The cute and convenient tube can  be dropped right in your Diaper bag, purse, swim bag or basically anywhere and you don't have to worry about it leaking out and making a mess either. I wish I would have known about Monkey Balm when we went to the beach last year, because I think I could have saved myself a ton of monkey and instead of buying all those after sun products and such I could have used Monkey Balm, plus I think it may have helped take the irritation away from Cassie's Jelly Fish sting as well last year. ( Poor kid got stung by the only Jelly Fish in the Ocean that day I think and to beat it all, it was her Birthday)

Want to try Monkey Balm for yourself? Well, you can because Monkey Balm is giving one of my readers some Monkey Balm for themselves!
SMS received one or more products in exchange for an honest review and opinion of the product. I was under no obligation to post a review  and all opinions are my own.

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