Natural Skin Shop Chemical Peel: Win one for yourself as well!

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I have always wanted to try a Chemical Peel without paying the price that they charge for the Professional grade peels. 

Natural Skin Shop gave me that option, and it is less than a fraction of the cost of a Professional Chemical Peel.

The first thing I had to do when I received the Peel kit was to try a patch test. They recommend trying it 3 days prior to doing your peel, I actually tried it 4 days before hand.  You follow the simple instructions and apply the peel to a small area so you can see how your skin reacts and this also gives you a good idea of how long the actual recovery time will be for you so that you can gauge the appropriate time to do your peel based on your normal activities or events you have coming up. I applied my patch test directly behind my ear as it recommended you do. If after 3 days you have had no adverse effects, you can safely began the process of  your professional grade peel at home.

The most important thing I can say is that you must follow the directions exactly as stated. Do not try to rush or skip steps. This is your skin and the goal is to give you healthier, replenished skin.

I have tried many products over the years that say they replenish, rejuvenate and many other things, but have never found a product that actually does everything a Chemical Peel can do. After 36 years, I knew it was time to do the Peel.

The Peel Rx Medi Peel contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid as it's main ingredient, which is very safe if used as directed. 

My skin and face are not unhealthy, I do take good care of my skin, but over time, you really need to amp it up.

I began my peel just as the directions stated, following all directions closely and to the letter as stated.

Chemical Peel Instructions

Once I completed the peel, my skin was red but felt so much better. However, one thing to note is that before the peel, my face always seemed to have a redness to it as well, so exactly how much redness I experienced is to be determined. I do know, it was not enough to make me want to stay home and out of the public because with the right foundation , it is easily concealed.I did have a slight tingling effect, but nothing to really get upset about.  The next 4 days I made sure to apply an SPF of 30 to my skin as recommended. The redness lasted for about 3 days, slowly fading each day until my skin returned to normal color.

I have since noticed a great improvement in my overall complexion and the evenness of my skin tone as well as the smoothness of my face. I have also noticed that my pores have been significantly reduced and the spots I use to see on my face are slowly fading.

I am just a few days away from doing the peel for the 2nd time and I can't wait to see the overall results. 

Overall, I am impressed with Medi Peel from Natural Skin Shop and I will definitely be purchasing. As my skin gets used to the peel, I will go up in strength as well to get the maximum effect it has to offer. They have several different peels to choose from as well as an entire line of professional grade skin care products. I have a few more products to try out and I am excited and can't wait to share the results with you all.

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