Night Owl Paper Goods Review

7:52 AM

Night Owl Paper Goods are amazing! I just wanted to start my review off by stating that right up front !

 Night Owl Paper Goods

As you all know, I love putting pen to paper not just words on a computer, I keep a notebook and pen right by my bed because I find myself coming up with all these ideas in the middle of the night and I always want to make sure I can jot them down quickly and go back to sleep. 

Night Owl Paper Goods has so many fun products that I know you would love them as well. They also have something amazingly different from other companies out on the market. Night Owl Paper Goods is made from Hand pressed lettering and eco-chic wood products

My cute little journal I received was not just handy to have around, but it was also very study yet not heavy. It's cover it made from wood and I simply adore it. I was afraid to write in it at first because I didn't want to ruin it. The Oslo Ox Journal is perfect for notes, ideas and list and is made from sustainably harvested birch and all pages are also now biodegradable and recyclable. A big plus is that both sides of the paper are lined as well.

Night Owl Paper Goods has so many wonderful , creative and cute journals that I know I will be getting a new one once I have used this one up. It is small enough to put in your purse if you want to carry it with you, yet large enough to write down all your thoughts and plans .

They also carry hand pressed cards for all occasions. I love the Mother's Day and Father's Day Cards they send and how well crafted they are. I am always looking for something special and out of the ordinary when it comes to cards. Anyone can buy a card from the grocery store but how many will by a Personalized Card  that has all the craftsmanship you can find at Night Owl Paper Goods?

This Mother's Day Card is Made in the USA from sustainably-harvested birch wood and 100% biodegradable and recyclable with paper goods. The fun part about these cards is that no two cards made from wood are exactly alike.

The Father's Day Card Below is also Made in the USA from sustainably-harvested birch wood and again, no two cards will be exactly alike. I can't wait for the kid's to give this to their Dad come Father's Day , and it will last forever in our scrapbook.

I love Night Owl Paper Goods and I encourage you to take a look and see what all they have to offer. The products they carry would be great gifts, especially for the Grads coming up and heading off to college next year.

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