OWG Frozen Drink Mixes Review & GIVEAWAY!

7:56 AM

Old world Gourmet has some amazing Frozen Drink Mixes. I had the chance recently to try a few of them and I have to say, they are yummy and delicious.

I decide first to try the Lemonilla Vino Freeze which you mix with White Wine. It was super easy to make and even easier to drink. What better way to liven up the night a little with a frozen cocktail.

Fist you take a 750 ml bottle of wine and your choice of Old World Gourmet Frozen Drink Mixes. As I said, I chose the Lemonilla Vino Freeze so it was to be mixed with White Wine which I just happened to have a nice bottle on hand to try it with.

I took out the 12 oz package of  Vinolicious Lemonilla Mix and poured it in to a Ziploc bag ( you can also use a pitcher if you prefer) then I poured in the bottle of wine, after poring in the wine you fill the wine bottle back up with water and add that to the mix as well. I then sloshed it around a bit to mix it up and sealed the bag and put it in the freezer for about 4 hours ( it recommends 3-4 hours until it is at the frozen consistency that you prefer)

When it was ready I took the bag out and simply cut a small hole on one end to pour the drink in t our glasses.

My friend Kaci and I were the first to try the mix and it was so good! It tasted much like lemonade with a hint of Wine , not too lemony tasting but at the same time it had enough taste to make me want to drink a 2nd one. Our other halves tried it as well and being men, i expected them to say it was too girly but they both enjoyed it also, so it was a hit!

Old World Gourmet has a number of great drink mixes for you to try and i have 2 more Vinolicious mixes that I plan to try out this weekend as well. You can purchase them in singles or in a package ( which is cheaper in the end if you buy the 3 pack) they also carry a wide assortment of Gourmet Snack Mixes and Cocktail Mixes that you will want to try!

Want to try an OWG Vinolicious Mix for yourself? I am giving away 1 Mix of your choice, just enter below!

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