Red Carpet Manicure : Gel Nails Review : Do it Like the Pro's!

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Let's face it, we all want those Salon quality Manicures but don't want to spend a fortune and would love to be able to do them at home for a fraction of the cost.

Red Carpet Manicure has a solution that we can all appreciate! 

 Starter Kit

Red Carpet Manicure has this wonderful Gel Nails Starter Kit as well as Pro  Kits that cost less than what you normally pay for one Mani at the Salon, especially for Gel Nails

I recently had the chance to try out the Pro Kit from Red Carpet Manicure and right off the bat, I loved it. I was impressed with the fat that the kit had everything, yes, everything, I needed to achieve my perfect at home Gel Nails and the price was less than I have seen for any other Gel Nails Kit on the Market. 

I frequently get chipped polish because I work with my hands quiet often. You will see me scrubbing toilets, planting in the yard, weed eating or even helping to remodel our home, and I usually find myself doing my nails every other day.

I started out after opening the kit by laying it all out and reading the directions ( I used to think  could just do stuff and refer to directions if needed, but now as I get older, I find that actually reading them first saves time and money ) 

Basically this is how the Red Carpet Manicure Works:

You first apply the Sanitizer included in the kit to clean your nails, then you apply a thin coat of base Gel coat ( included) to your nails( leaving your thumbs for last) and put your nails under the LED light which is included for 45 seconds, until you have done all of  your nails and both thumbs.  

Once you have finished those steps you simply apply your first coat of the color of your choice from Red Carpet Manicure and let them cure as you did with the Base coat in the light for 45 seconds.  You do this twice to achieve the desired color and coverage of your polish.

After you have done that, simply apply a thin Seal and Shine Top Coat and let it cure once again for 45 seconds, then remove any tacky residue with the Post Application cleanser included. 

This Kit has it's pros's and con's as with any product. The Pro's are that it does last, they have a wide variety of colors you can choose from and it is simple

The only real con's I can see is that It does take a few more steps and a little more time than some of the other gel Kit's on the Market, but you cannot beat the price and it's only 2-3 minutes more of your time. 

Now that you know how easy it is, I bet you are wanting to know how long it last.  It's been 8 days now and it shows no sign of chipping yet and I am surely impressed because i have been really getting some work done outside this past week and now that I have not had to redo my nails every other day I have saved myself a few extra hours and am able to spend more time doing other things I enjoy and Chris is not constantly complaining about the smell of my polish removers. 

Overall I would say this Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nails Kit does exactly what it says, the cost is minimal compared to other brands and is a great kit for someone just starting to do Gel Nails or a seasoned Pro. The LED lamp works better than others I have tried and the cord was longer than most so I did not have t find a special spot to set it up and use. 
 Professional LED Light

So head on over to Red Carpet Manicure and see not only the Gel Nails Starter and Pro Kit, but all the other great products they have to offer. I really want to try all 3 of the Nail Art Kits they have, they look so easy to use and I love having those cute designs.   


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