Star Lanterns Review

6:22 AM Your source for hanging star lanterns

I can't wait for Sprint to get here because I have such Big plans for my Outdoor space.

I recently go ta chance to review Star Lanterns " Paper lanterns" and I am in awe. Although these lanterns are electric powered, I think they are going to be perfect for my Spring and Summer outdoor get together. My first chance to use them outdoors will most likely be at my Son's Graduation party coming up in early May.

I have been using them to dress the inside of my home up a bit as well and although you can use them around the clock, I think I prefer to keep them and bring them out on special occasions.

These awesome Star Lamps are super easy to assemble and come equipped with everything you need to put them together except the light bulb.  I chose the 5 point stars for my choice but you can chose the 5-7 or 9 point , whichever suits you best and they have so many colors to chose from as well.

Take a look at this video and see how easy it is!

Star Lanterns are 100 % Safe and come with a 100 % Money back guarantee.

Star also carries Round lanterns as well as Battery powered if you are concerned about the electricity . They have several very unique Star Lamps that I think are really cool as well and even Lanterns for Weddings!

We  currently have this gorgeous purple one hanging up in my girls newly redecorated ( or soon to be finished redecorated ) room.

This is what the Light device and Fire Protection Cover look like.

Star Lanterns are awesome, you can visit them at to see all the wonderful products they have, and the best part is they really are affordable..and you can use them over and over!

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