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Space is at a premium in my home yet I always find myself throwing those plastic grocery bags in a big ball inside my cabinets.

The Original Handy Hanger not only helps you to eliminate clutter, but also helps to save space and helps you turn your plastic grocery bags in to waste bags.

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Garbage bags can get expensive, as well as create even more waste in the landfills. If you change even 50 % of your garbage bag usage to the plastic grocery sacks by recycling them and using them with the handy hanger, you are saving yourself money and helping create a more green option for waste.

The Handy Hangers were very easy to install. I installed mine right under the sink on the cabinet door and it took about 5 minutes. Now, I don't end up with a ton of plastic grocery bags because I do use my reusable bags as well, but the plastic bags I do end up with, we usually reuse for bathroom & laundry bags in those trash cans.

I have a very large family, so we have a tremendous amount of trash. Since starting to use the handy hanger, I have found that we are using around 5 less garbage bags per week. I wish I could say that we have totally eliminated those pricey garbage bags, but with the amount of people in our home, it just has not been possible.

The biggest plus of the Handy Hanger, for me personally, was the organization that it brought to us. Once I put my groceries away, I no longer put all the bags in to one anther and shove them under the sink. I simply put them on the "Handy" hanger hooks and they are easy to reach for every time I need one. 

I think these would be great to have in most any room in your house.  I know if I had more of them, I would add them in the bathrooms and laundry rooms as well as under a few more cabinets n my kitchen to help create more space for storage as well as eliminate all those small trash cans I have around my home. I really need to put a set of Handy Hangers in my Laundry room, because that seems to be the place where we have more disorganization and a lot of small trash items from pockets and the lint collection.

The Handy Hanger comes with everything you need to get it set up and mounted and you will like the fact that it is super easy, even if you are not the greatest at stuff like that. You can purchase a set of Handy Hangers HERE or on Amazon

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a review , and all opinions are based on my own experience.

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