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I love the way it sounds when you say Trash Dash, it's just super catchy!

So what exactly is Trash Dash? I can tell you it's not a race to the trashcan, but when You use it you won't be avoiding your trashcan any longer!

Trash Dash is a product in which  you sprinkle in your trash bags and it will help to neutralize all those icky odors that come from your trash. You can also use it in your recycle bins to help with those odors and I can honestly say that it really does work.

I have been purchasing scented Kitchen Trash Bags to help with the odors, but found that even though you can still smell the scented bag, you can also still smell the trash, I held little hope that Trash Dash would truly eliminate the odors, but I was quickly proven wrong.

With 6 kids in my house, plus their friends, you never know what those odors are that are coming from our trashcans, and frankly, I don't intend to investigate and find out, I just  simply do not want to smell them.

I decided to give Trash Dash it's debut in my house when I knew we would have a house full of teenagers and the trash would really be stinky. You simply open up your bottle of Trash Dash and sprinkle a little in to your trash bags, I went through the house and did this not only with the kitchen trash but with the bathroom trashcans as well. I waited a couple of hours when I knew the trashcan's had some unsavory stuff in them and went back to take a "smell"....and all I could smell was the Lavender Trash Dash....SCORE!

Most of you who have small kids ( especially those in diapers) or teenagers where it always smells like sweat and dirty feet, would simply love trash dash. I can't tell you how much more pleasant it is to go in to my Kitchen now and smell....none of those smells!

Trash Dash is very inexpensive and comes in two scents, Citrus Burst and Lavender Vanilla. I have now tried both scents and I love the results. I will have to say that in the Kitchen I prefer the Citrus Burst and I use the Lavender Vanilla in all the Bathrooms.

Wait....I'm not finished yet! I gave some to my friend Kaci who has a toddler in Diapers and felt like she was constantly taking out the trash because of the smell. So we put Trash Dash to the Ultimate test of ....Dirty Diapers! Okay, we all know how those smell and how that smell just lingers until you take out the trash even if you put them in small bags, tie them up and bury them in the bottom of your trash can, the smell still stays with you. Kaci really works! Now she can take her trash out like a normal person when the can is full and not every time Troy has a dirty diaper!

Want to try Trash Dash for yourself? Then enter below for your chance to win!

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