Victoria's Secret and The fashion of young to input?

10:49 AM

With all the news coverage lately about Victoria's Secret and the campaign aimed at Young Girls, I wonder, how do you feel about it?

I know everyone will have a different opinion, and that's perfectly okay. I want to keep this discussion family friendly and just gauge the thoughts of others.

Here is my personal opinion.

Although Victoria's Secret is not the first to introduce " sexy" clothing for young girls, I do feel they have exploited it to make it look okay.  Personally , My 10 year old is not allowed to wear any type of makeup, the only time she can wear a skirt is if she wears leggings or shorts under it and no low cut tops or anything that says "sexy" on it. Maybe you all think I am being a little too overprotective on this, so I want to hear what you think. Now, Chris on the other hand, has told her she is not allowed to do Cheerleading because he disagrees with the "costumes" that Cheerleaders wear, even at her age. I think maybe that is a little too extreme.

Teenagers really do not know sometimes the signals that something as simple as clothing sends off. I was a teenager once myself, a very long time ago, so I know how it can be.

I want to hear your thoughts on this whole sexy clothing for young girls.

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