Winter Purging...Spring Cleaning...remodeling update!

9:00 AM

I have been told that I always skip the part of "Spring" Cleaning and instead do Winter cleaning, and it's true. I get all gung ho every Winter to get my house organized and cleaned before Spring gets here. Many people do not understand my reasoning. 

It's actually quiet simple. I love being outdoors, and Spring is like the beginning of the season and I hate wasting a minute inside when I can be outside planting my garden, mowing my lawn, planting flowers or what not. 

It is necessary to be inside a lot due to the nature of my work and the fact that my home still needs cleaned and laundry still needs done, but if I have all the purging and deep cleaning finished by the time the flowers start blooming, it minimizes my indoor time.

I am also an Avid reader and you just can't beat sitting outside in the sunshine and reading a good book. I really want to get an outdoor fire pit this year so I can enjoy the outdoors even in the evenings. which brings me to another project I am going to start when I finish my winter projects. I am fencing in my Back Patio area...Why you ask?..Because as much as I love my Dogs..they think they own the Back Patio and have now ruined my Patio Table and Chairs because they sit in them like humans. Caesar, my 120 Pound St. Bernard Mix thinks he owns the area and leaves tons of hair all over the Patio which means I am constantly cleaning it up and Heaven forbid if you want to grill out because turn your head for a second and he is gone with the goods!

I also wanted to show you guys what has kept us so busy these past few weeks....If you remember, I have been remodeling my living room and a few other rooms, but in the living room is where the biggest change occurred. Our home was built Circa 1910...and the walls were all plaster and the rooms were real blocky looking and closed in.  I should have taken a picture before we started tearing it out but here is a picture of how it looked after we tore out plaster and got started, as well as how drab it was. These are the archways that Chris built himself, it was nothing but a small opening before. The opposite wall had a big gaudy shelf built in on top and pink and blue wallpaper era 1950 with baby blue trim..whew, I'm glad it's gone!

 In this last picture it is hard to see, but we had just started ripping wallpaper off and priming the walls...with my 1950's curtains haha..but you can see the window frames were blue before the primer because it still shows through in this picture. is the finished look...what do you think?

I still need to hang drapes and I think we have chosen to go with Roman Blackout Shades. As you can see in the picture, I also refinished my Hardwood Floors for now until we can replace them.

It's hard to think that the room you see above was Pink and Blue just a few months ago.

So, now you all know what has kept me busy!

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