Zoobies! Review & Giveaway

7:30 AM

Zoobies! Zoobies! Zoobies!

I have heard that so much in my house since we got our Zoobie to review that I think the kids just love saying it.

We chose the Monkey Blanket Pet and it has been a huge hit in our house, even the older kids want one. I guess even Teenagers have kid left in them. I had a hard time explaining to all the kids that this Blanket Pet was  the only one I had so we would have to decide who gets it. Maybe I will put it as a prize in our Annual Easter egg Hunt.

Zoobies have an entire line of adorable Blanket Pets and so much more.

The Monkey is simply adorable. When it is not being used as a Blanket it will sit up straight or lay down without any issues and is so very cuddly and soft. Once you spread it out as a blanket, the softness continues and it is just a super little Blanket or Cuddly toy.

We had no issues when rolling it back up to fit inside the Monkey, which was surprising to me because i expected that we would never get this big comfy Blanket back inside this adorable little Monkey, but it was super easy and folded right back up and went back in exactly the way it came out without any issues.

Zoobies are recommended for ages 3 and up and is well made of soft coral fleece and really is much larger than I expected at 44" x 34" and can grow with the kids. I love the fact that the Pet itself is so squishy and soft and can be thrown in the washing machine to wash and the Blanket even zips off as well.

It has Velcro tabs which are used to secure the blanket back inside the pet and are really easy to maneuver and most any age child can put him back together again.

Zoobies carries a full line of Blanket Pets, from Monkeys to a Wolf, you can find pretty much any animal your child adores. These would also be great for gifts for Birthday's, Sickness and Holidays of any kind.

Zoobies also make Glow Bugs, which I can't wait to try as well as Animal Jam Sidekix, Blankie Babies, Storytime Pals, Book Buddies , Duffle Dogs and Slumber Pets. I want the entire line!

How would you like to win a Blanket Pet for your little one? Simple Rafflecopter entry below!

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