Guppi Shoes Review & Giveaway

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Guppi Shoes are the new"Shoes to go too". Never heard of them? They are simply just awesome!

I know around my house, everyone thinks they need a new pair of shoes to match every outfit they have, or should I say they used to think they needed a new pair of shoes. Introducing the kids to Guppi Shoes was the best thing I could have done. They are hooked as am I. Guppi Shoes are shoes that are interchangeable and you can build your own from the start and purchase  ( or in Guppi speak, you can fish for them) extra pieces to change them  for every outfit if you want.

Now,  have heard some say "Why would you want to always be zipping different parts on your shoes?" Well a better question to me would be why do you always want to buy a new pair of shoes to match everything. 

Guppi Shoes would be the envy of everyone you know and will soon be the newest rage in shoes. I am a verified member of shoes anonymous, let me tell you, I love my Shoes and Guppi is no exception.

Guppi Shoes are pretty nifty and innovative. You first fish for a pair of soles, pretty simple there. They actually have a size chart on the website that I would recommend printing out so that you can get your size correct. Then you fish for your side Panels. Meagan chose her first set of side panels in black so she could match several outfits. Her second set she chose in her favorite color, Green Gameboard.

Next you fish for your tongues. She choose Silver and Black ( either tongue can go with both sets of sides she chose)

 Looking pretty cool, huh? Well then you go fish again for your backs and Meagan Chose Black and Red backs

 Now you almost have a complete pair of shoes you can switch out anyway that you want.  The last thing left to do is fish for  your laces. Meagan Chose Red and Green.


She now has what seems to be two totally different pair of shoes , yet is only one and she can mix and match it up depending on her mood. It's very affordable as well to order more sides and other parts to have more options. Much more affordable than buying a few more pair of shoes.

Guppi sent me Meagan's shoes and it took a few minutes at first for us to get them all zipped in and put together, but once we figured it all out and got the flow going, we could change them out quickly. It was hard to believe that all of this came in a small box, but it did! Meagan is 16 and special needs and has some issues with fine motor skills but she can zip her Guppi Shoes on and off with no problem, so for her, it is not only a special treat but a true accomplishment as well.

Once you have your Guppi Shoes ready for the day and all zipped in, simply tuck one of the zippers under the sole of your shoe that way in case of any unzips occuring when you are out and about you can simply pull out the zipper and get them fixed right up. This happened a couple of times when she first started wearing them but now that they shoes are broke in, it has not happened anymore.

Now my other daughter, Cassie and a couple of the boys as well are all asking for Guppi Shoes. Chase who is a die hard Converse wearing kid, actually wants  pair of Guppi, he loves the idea of changing up his shoes and he is the one boy in the house that has more shoes than anyone ( other than myself) and he is 13. He has 6 pair of converse and a few others so for him to say he wants a pair, that means these shoes will soon be what kids everywhere and adults will be wearing.

I wanted to get the Guppi for me to try but decided at last minute to let Meagan be the one to try them out and I made a good choice. She truly does love her Guppi Shoes.

Guppi also has a new Kickstarter program currently where you can get your entire purchase for 35 % off, making these shoes not only affordable, but even more affordable than a new pair of shoes you would buy anywhere else.

Take a look at the video below to see how it all works


At 35 % off, what are you waiting for? You can check out Guppi here and get your ordered started right away, you, or your child can be the new up and coming shoe fashionsita before anyone else!   Want to win a pair? Guppi is offering one of my readers a chance to win a pair for themselves!

Simply enter below on the rafflecopter!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received one or more products for free in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are based on my own experience.

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