ila Security Review & Giveaway!

6:39 AM

As Women there are many things we can do and precautions we can take to protect ourselves. ila Security has the perfect options to help us in feeling more confident and secure.

ila Security carries products that are perfect for Women, I would especially say for High School and College aged Women and basically Women everywhere.

The ila Pebble Keyring alarm is perfect to attach to your keyring. This nifty little alarm puts off a very high decibel sound ( yes, we tried it) when the alarm is activated within a second with a simple pull. The design is cute as well, so no need to worry about some ugly alarm , this is stylish for a lady of any age.

ila Pebble Keyring AlarmI think if you are like me, I always have my keys out and in my hands when going to my car, especially after dark or early mornings,so this would be the best option for me as an alarm because I would not have to dig around for it.

The Ila Door Stopper is perfect for college students. I know it would help give me peace of mind if my Daughter was in college. It is also great for traveling to stick under the hotel Door.

ila Wedge Door AlarmYou simply wedge the Door Stopper behind the door once you are inside, and if anyone attempts to open the door, the stopper makes it more difficult plus it puts out a high piercing noise that would alert everyone around of a problem and scare any intruders away.I personally like to use this in the daytime when I am home alone. It gives me a peace of mind that knowing no matter what room I am in, if I put this behind my door, I will know if someone is attempting to come inside my home and I can take proper action.

ila Security makes many different products. ila Security provides a must-have range of accessories that are chic, feminine and versatile.  ila was started in 2008 in the UK and now is also in the U.S. and around the Globe. Y
ila Security products would make great gifts for ladies heading off to College, getting their first apartment, moving away , or just in general. Safety is something you should never have to second guess. You can take a look at all the products ila has to offer and see for yourself how cute and stylish they are as well as useful.

I am giving one lucky reader an ila Pebble Security key chain in red. Simply comment below and tell me who you would give the key chain too

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