It's just another Manic Monday!

7:20 AM

The dreaded M word...yes, it's Monday again.

When Monday rolls around, I have mixed feelings. You see, on one hand, I am happy to see "her" because she brings the Mailman, UPS and Fed-Ex, as well as the Bus Driver. Which means I may or may not get goodies in the mail, and on occasion, I get a few minutes of peace and quiet . On the other hand, I hate to see "her" come around because it essentially means Family Time is over for 5 more days.

When it gets to be this time of year, I actually start looking forward to the end of another school year and my kids being home for summer break. This year Summer Break is Kind alike Monday is, I have mixed feelings. You see, as many of you know, I have 2 Son's graduating High School. My oldest is headed to the Army just 3 weeks after graduation which means in 42 days my baby will be off to the real world. Hence, I have mixed feelings about Summer break.

It's hard to believe in 16 days my Sons will walk across the stage and accept their  High School Diplomas. Of course, empty nest syndrome will not be a factor because we still have 4 more at home. In 2 years, I will have this happen again, 2 more kids to walk across the stage, and so forth every 2 years for the next 8 years, I will have a child graduating.

How do you deal with a child leaving the nest, especially to go off to the Army? I know if how much I worry now is any indication,  have a lot of worrying coming up on me really soon. Since when did the Army get so expensive anyway? I started looking at the list of things he has to have to take with him and it looks like basically e have a lot of money to spend coming up and I wasn't planning for that, but I guess this is where my bargain hunting skills will come in to play.

graduation reception at our home....another chance to put my Bargain hunting skills to work. I am just now starting to prepare and yikes, I have less than 3 weeks to get it all together.

So what are your plans for Summer Vacation?

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