Merlot Grape Seed Skin Care Review & Giveaway!

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I have had some good skin care products before, but Merlot Grape Seed Skin care is simply amazing. How many skin care products can you find that  work exactly as they say they do? I am guessing from extensive experience myself, not many.

The Merlot Skin Care Microderm Body Scrub was simply awesome. I have used Microderm products previously on my face and hands but the body scrub was new to me. It was actually quiet easy  to use. You simply choose the spot you want to use it on, put a little on a sponge or cloth  and start scrubbing. No need to scrub vigorously ether, just let the product do it's job. I chose to do small sections at a time so that I could see the difference and I was pretty impressed with the results. You could actually tell the difference between the first spot I did on my thigh and the rest that was not done. You will also love the light purple color as well as the faint grape smell, which I found to be much more pleasant than other chemical smelling products. The Microderm Body Scrub helps with gently  evening up  skin tone and minimizing  age spots. It can also help to fade scarring and fine lines and wrinkles. Now that I am a Grandma ( although a young one) I need all the help I can get in those areas!

Once I finished with the Merlot Microderm Scrub, I followed up with the Merlot Body Firming Lotion, once again, you could immediately tell the difference. The Natural Grape Seed was put to the test and passed with flying colors. The antioxidant properties found in grapes also known as polyphenols help revitalize skin and fight free radicals, which we all know is important for healthy radiant skin. I could immediately feel a slight tightening of my skin and with further use on a daily basis I have now noticed a huge difference. The Body Firming Lotion helps improve skin elasticity and tone as well as Hydrates your skin.

I usually do the Microderm Body Scrub and Body Firming Lotion about twice a week.

Another product I tried and fell in love with is the Merlot Divine fragrance. If the bottle alone does not make you fall in love, just wait until you try it. I was honestly surprised at how wonderful it smelled. It is a nice clean and light smell infused with a  touch of grape in the fragrance. It does not really have an overall fruity smell but rather a light musky smell which I found very appealing. Wearing the Divine Fragrance really made me feel energetic and clean. I can honestly say this is now one of my favorite fragrances to date. 

The bottle that the Merlot Divine Fragrance comes in also has a re purpose a single bloom vase, how cool is that? 

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Merlot Skin Care has graciously offered one of my readers a chance to win a product of choice for themselves. Please note : Merlot will do it's best to honor whichever product you chose but please have 1-2 backup products in mind as well in case the product you chose cannot be fulfilled.

Happy Entering!

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Disclaimer: I received one or more products for free in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are based on my own experience.

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