Motivation Monday!

6:56 AM

It's Monday again, which means we have a whole new week of good things to come.

Let's start a new weekly called Motivation Monday, where you tell me and other readers what gets you Motivated!

I am officially starting my get healthy and weight loss plan today. I am still waiting on my Nutrisystem foods to get here but in the meantime, I plan to get a good start on a new routine. Today I am going to start by watching my calorie intake and trying to eat better overall and....I am going to spend 20 minutes exercising. I have no problem drinking water so I never even think about that part of losing weight. I drink water all day except for my morning coffee, the biggest thing will be giving up my daily soda.

Lots of prizes going out this week. I already have a scheduled pickup for tomorrow for the mailman to pick up all these packages and I am finishing up the surprise prizes today.

Did anyone hit up the Kroger Mega Sale again last week? Whew I know I did, and my stockpile is finally growing again. I will be making a few trips this week as well and I may even try my hand at Publix for the first time this week also.

I have 11 reviews coming up for you this week, and 5 of those are giveaways.

I spent the weekend working on some projects around the house as well as creating new projects which I think I need to slow down on. Chris has warned me, no more projects until the current ones are finished, so I will be finishing up a couple this week so I can get started on more!

I am also going to start the week off right. If you read this post, comment below with your Motivation tip  and you are automatically entered to win a $10 Amazon card.  

One new thing I am going to do is be putting together 5 Pamper Me Mother's Day gifts for my readers to have a chance to win. I will not be starting the giveaway until I have the gifts ready to photograph and put in boxes for shipping, but stay tuned because you could be a lucky winner as well.

I am also still looking for your favorite Summer time recipes for the blog. The chosen 5 will get a $5 Amazon Card if I post the recipe they submit. 

So Happy Monday my readers, I look forward to the week ahead with you!

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