Motorcycles: It's That Time of Year so Please watch for them.

5:13 PM

It's Motorcycle time all over the world, which means more deaths related to Bikers. Not all wrecks are the fault of Bikers, over 62% of wrecks involving Motorcycles are because motorist don't pay attention or not close enough attention to see the riders.

This happened to my Husband today. Although he is okay, it could have been worse had he been going more than 30 mph. The result is a busted up Bike and a lot of road burn and bruises. I thank God he is okay. He had to swerve to avoid a car that was not paying attention and ended up sliding on his elbows on the asphalt and the bike landed on his hip. I am still saying thanks !

When you are out driving, please pay attention to the riders on the road, most are out for the enjoyment, not speeding and in general just doing what they love.

A Motorcycle ride is held every year in Honor of my nephew who was killed in Iraq and another soldier from my Hometown who was also killed.  These rides help send kids to college.

So many Bikers do great things for others, although many see them as a nuisance. If even one person reads this and pays closer attention to the next Bike on the road, then I have accomplished something.

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