Nuvo Cabinet Paint Review

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 Giani Granite for Countertops

As most of you all who have been around my Blog awhile know, we have slowly been attempting to remodel parts of our house and give the rest of it an updated look.

A couple of months back I resurfaced my Countertops using Giani Granite Counter Top Kit. This past week I have been busy using the sister product to Giani, Nuvo Cabinet Paint.

Chris was a bit aprehensive about me trying to paint the cabinets, I guess Countertops was anothr story because he said have at it. However, he gave me free rein and I got started.

My Nuvo Cabinet Paint Kit arrived a couple of days after it was ordered. It came with everything i needed to paint my cabinets. Paint, Paint sticks, paint can opener, rollers and roller handles as well as Sand paper and instructions.

This was actually a very simple process. I had planned to update my hardware to the cabinets as well until I found out I could not match up the holes with any other hardware on the market because my cabinets are original to the house and that size is no longer made, so I simply cleaned the hardware up and put it back on after painting.

After taking my cabinet doors down, I lightly sanded them to create a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. my cabinets were a very dark wood color which had been clear coated at least 4-5 times over the years if the look of them was any indication.

My Kitchen is very tiny and always looked dark and dreary. I wanted something to spruce up the look as well as lighten up the Kitchen. I had originally thought maybe a slate color but in the end decided on White because I really wanted a clean open look.

It actually took 2 coats and on some even three coats of paint, but it was an easy process and they had included plenty of paint and supplies so I had no issues with not having enough paint to go around.

This is how my Cabinets looked before Nuvo. Very Dark and I don't mind saying it, very Ugly! ( excuse the mess, I was cleaning! )

This is how it looks now after Nuvo Cabinet Paint.

It not only looks much brighter and cleaner, but I have found it is very easy to wipe little fingerprints off of if I need too.

I did all of this with no help from Chris. So don't think you need help to get this done. I did the project in steps, doing one side of the room first then the following weekend I did the other side. You may also notice that I decided to resurface my Countertops again with another Giani Kit and do them in Black instead of the original White I did a few months back. That's the beauty of it, it's cheap enough that if I choose to change it up, I can without spending a ton of money and only a few hours of my time and I get an entire new look.

So if you are in the market for a new look, Try Nuvo Cabinet Paint and Giani Countertop Paint Kits for a new updated look for less!

Disclaimer: I received one or more products for free in exchange for a review, however, all opinions are based on my own experience.

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