Changing my Life with Nutrisystem

7:19 AM

I have been trying for awhile now to change my eating habits, find a way to get healthy ad make myself accountable for what I put in my body and how I treat my body.

I recently, just a week ago, started Nutrisystem, and already I can see and feel a difference in how I look and feel on a daily basis.

It really has made a difference with my overall energy level now that I am eating the meals provided by Nutrisystem along with my daily grocery add-ins and getting in my daily 3.

I love waking up in the mornings to have a delicious Nutrisystem breakfast and protein shake, which takes no thinking at all on my part because you pick your breakfast items when you choose your foods for the month, you open it up and mix up a protein shake and you are good to go for the morning. The Nutrisystem shaker is perfectly designed to mix your shakes without using a blender or anything and easy to carry with you if you are on the go and even easier to wash!

I was never a big fan of how protein shakes tasted but I am loving the Nutrisystem shakes which are yummy, especially the coffee flavor.

Nutrisystem has helped me to lose 3 pounds the first week, I am overjoyed at how well this seems to be working for me and I always feel full and have not been hungry at all. On Nutrisystem, I actually eat 6 times per day and if you are still not satisfied you have several unlimited foods you can munch on as well, how could you feel anything less than satisfied!


I also love the Daily Planner from Nutrisystem which is included with your foods as well, I make sure to carry my planner with me every where I go so that I can record my foods and water as well as any of my daily 3 I manage to sneak in if I am out and about.

Nutrisystem really just makes losing weight and getting fit easy. No counting points or calories, no real thinking required, just simply follow the daily plan and include your grocery add ins with your meals and you can start losing weight too. I no longer have to fix meals totally different from my family, I eat the veggies they eat and use my Nutrisystem meal item for the remainder of my dinner and it really makes things easy for me.

I also use my Nutrisystem water bottle and make sure i take in at least 2 bottles of water per day, which is easy with my Nutrisystem water bottle because again, I don't have to think too hard, just fill up my bottle and when I empty it mark off 4 waters and fill it up again and repeat the process. I do usually end up drinking more water than they set goals for, but that is a good thing. I also get my coffee and Unsweet tea with Nutrisystem which you can't have on many other plans.

  • Get 4 weeks of food delivered to your door and ready in minutes
  • Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert plus snacks each day
  • Lose weight with a proven plan that works with your life


I also love the fact that I always have an entire network of people on hand anytime I have questions and to support me with my journey, #NSNation is awesome!

You can also visit Nutrisystem on Facebook to hear about all the latest and greatest news and specials!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or visit Nutrisystem online

Disclaimer: I received one or more items free in exchange for a review, however, all opinions and results are based on my own experience with Nutrisystem.

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