Happy Monday: The Week Ahead

7:09 AM

It's Monday yet again, a day we both look forward to as well as dread.

I have quiet a bit to share with you all this week so keep checking the Blog for all the new and updated stuff going on.

Last week was a very emotional week for us around my house and I don't expect things to be much better for awhile yet until we have some answers and decide how to move forward, but I will be doing what needs to be done and staying positive.

This week we have a $95 Swim Suit Gift Certificate to give away as well as a few other things. I also have the Kroger Matchups coming for you hopefully later today.

If you have won a prize from me in the past 2 weeks and do not have it yet, those are going out this week , most likely by Thursday. 

Another thing is, I am looking for another Admin for our Facebook Page and Blog. If you are interested and can post at least 2 post on Facebook 4 days per week and at least 1 blog post per day 4 days per week, please contact me. This is not a paid position but would be great for someone who would eventually like to get in to blogging and enjoys sharing with others.

I also have a great first week of Nutrisystem to share with you all. I am really liking most all the foods and can't wait to share with you how much weight i lost just in my first week.

Only 10 more days until my Son graduates from High School, so that is sure to keep me busy as well this next week or so and I am also working on plans for our Family reunion which comes June 1st, so I doubt things slow down much over the next few weeks.

I know I am really disliking this weather pattern we have been having. One day shorts, the next pants, jacket and long sleeves. I am ready for warm weather and to get my yard fixed up, the back yard is starting to look like a Jungle and I have not been able to get the pool cleaned out for the kids yet.

Do you have any plans this next week? Share with me what's on your agenda!

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