Holiday Weekend Giveaway! Giveaway! Enter to Win! Hooorah!

8:51 PM

It's the Weekend and what makes it even better is that it's a long weekend! 

Happy Memorial Day. 

I hope you will all take the time to remember what Memorial Day is all about. I lost my nephew, Sgt. Wes Tucker on Oct 13th, 2005 in Iraq. I know of many others who need to be remembered as well...every Fallen or MIA  or POW ...everyone who has ever taken the time to serve our country needs to be remembered and thanked on this and every Memorial Day!

As you all know, my son will enter the Army on June 11, 2013..just a couple weeks away. I also have a cousin who is serving our country and she has been Navy for 24 years now. I was Air Fore and several of my family were Military as well. I know we have Veteran's Day for the Veterans...but I feel Memorial Day should also be a time we give thanks to everyone in our Military.

So for our weekend Giveaway...I would love to have everyone write something in the comments, saying thank you to either a military member you personally know, a remembrance of a fallen soldier, something from within your heart. 

As always you can gain extra entries as well.

Now, the big question....what will you win?

I went through my stash today and I have a large box filled with some awesome products..I will start with 1 large box...a few items in the box are : $10 Gift Card, Makeup ( not the cheap stuff) 

and.....I also have 1 more AXE Cravebox to give away.....depending on the number of comments and shares, I will either add it to the main big box ( which will be a big box ) or I will add it to a 2nd box...

The girls and I are spending the weekend going through all my stash and leaning it Someone or more than 1..will be a happy person 

The giveaway will run from now until Midnight Tuesday May 28th. I will ship prizes out the following week.  ( I Just did shipping today for the past 2 weeks) 

I will also be announcing the winners from last weekend's giveaway tonight on the blog as well. 

Bonus Entries: 

Share the Giveaway on Facebook ( comment that you did) You can do this up to 2x per day

Share on Pinterest ( Comment that you did)

Share on Twitter ( comment that you did) You an do this up to 2x per day

Comment on any post from the past 2 months-must be a new, recent comment ( comment here with which post you commented on ( you can comment as much as you want and each one counts as an entry)

Refer a friend to my Facebook page and get 3 extra entries....or refer someone to follow me on Pinterest and get 5 extra entries...Twitter referral gets 5 extra entries...

If you follow me on Pinterest ( new or already following) comment that you do and you get 5 extra entries..

Whew, that's a lot of entries!

Sorry if this is entry overload, but I want you to know...all the comments to Fallen, POW's, MIA's, and current and retired will be made in to one big post  dedicated to the Soldiers and featured on a large online forum for the Soldiers and Families!

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