It's a Beautiful Day!

9:37 AM

I know you are all waiting patiently for me to post winners and new contest but I wanted to take a few minutes and just say what a Beautiful Day it is here in Tennessee.

It is suppose to reach 82 today and I am excited, I love being outside in the Sunshine so I am trying to get as much inside work done as I can so I can enjoy this much needed outside break this afternoon before the rain once again moves in tomorrow. 

I have to grocery shop sometime but I think I would rather do it tomorrow in the rain than to waste a second of this sunshine. Mos of you know it's been such an emotional time around my house these past 10 days, and I woke up this morning with a feeling of renewal, knowing that with the support of my friends and family and yes, you are all included in those groups, that I can get through anything.

Our dryer went out this week...oh Yay! Now I have this older one we had here that is coin operated but it is doing the job so  all I can say is haha..glad I have quarters.

Six more days until my boys graduate High School...32 days until Dustin leaves for Boot Camp...I am one proud yet worried Mama :)

How has your week been? Anyone have any great tips, tricks, savings or deals to pass on?

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