PMD: Microderm Abrasion right at home

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PMD known as Personal Microdermabrasion is a product which I can't say enough good things about. I have frequently done the Mircodermabrasion creams and such and although they seem to work, the effects never seem to last very long or fully do what a professional can do.

PMD has helped me achieve everything I could get done by a professional except I can do it myself right in my home. Who would not love younger looking skin without using harsh chemicals or paying a small fortune?

Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive form of exfoliation and mild skin resurfacing that removes  dead skin cells. The first thing you need to know is that you must follow the directions. The PMD comes with a video that explains everything well and gives you precise directions on how to use the system.

The PMD is actually very simple to use, however, as I stated above, very important that you follow directions. It took me about 15 minutes the first time I used my PMD. It was easy to see where I had already used it on my skin because it left a white residue which was actually dead skin cells being buffed off. My skin is fairly sensitive and I hoped I would not suffer any effects from this and thankfully, it was perfect.

I bet you are all thinking this is painful, but in fact, it is painless. It is not a feeling I was familiar with at first and felt a bit weird as it worked to help my skin, but more of a ticklish feel.  So, if you are worried about the pain, no more worries because you have no pain and once you get started with the PMD you will not even think about the little tickle feeling.

The PMD system will come  with 2 types of discs, 4 blue discs for sensitive skin and 2 green discs for tough skin/trouble spots. You can use the disk for 3-4 treatments each, and get around 8 treatments from your initial system purchase. You can then purchase additional disk for less than $20 for another 6-8 treatments. Much less than you would pay to have this done for you.

I honestly could not believe how much of a difference this made on my face. I have noticed as I get older that  get fine lines and may even see a slight wrinkle or two. My fine lines have practically diminished after only 3 weeks using the PMD.

Before PMD:

After PMD:

I have actually used it once a week since receiving it to try out.

It has many benefits for your skin .Microdermabrasion will help skin to become rejuvenated, while promoting new collagen growth and cell renewal, which we all know is beneficial to us.

You may think this is a bit overpriced, but I can assure you that I had checked around on prices for Microdermabrasion done at many different places and found that the prices ranged from $100-$325 each session. The PMD runs $179 and comes with everything you need for up to 8 treatments.

You all know that I don't spend money on something unless I think it is a great deal, and I really think this is.  I can't believe how much younger, fresher and smooth my skin looks and feels.

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