Surprise! I am rewarding a few loyal readers...are you on the list?

4:39 PM

Guess what? Remember when I said I was going to surprise 2 long time loyal readers?

 Well, I am instead going to surprise several of of you.I will Start with a few  but I have 26 so far on my list ( I am listing the first few so far and then as soon as these surprises go out I will list the others so don't fret if your name is not here yet) ..

.Now don't get too excited yet because it will be 2 weeks before I send stuff out and it will come via email. 

Sooo...on that note...

.Tamie T. Sarah S. , Missy S. , Crystal S. Melissa M. , Becky V., Sam S. , Jaysign S., Kelly H.,Jenni M., Melis T., Sue P., Allison T., Ginger F., Colleen F....please send me your email addresses .

I am doing this because of how loyal you have been and what supportive and wonderful readers you are. it won't be anything huge, but I want to say Thank You!

Also, the list can go up...and myself, a long with my hubby and girls are seeing who should be on the list!

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