TGIF.....Summer is almost here!

7:20 AM

Not only can I say TGIF but I can say Hooray because Summer Vacation is almost  here. My Son's Graduated High School just 2 days ago and I am so excited  for them to get out and explore what life has to offer ( As well as see what being a grown up is all about) 

Dustin leaves for Boot Camp in 24 days and he has plans to squeeze every second of fun in to those 24 days. 

Now, as you all know, things on the Blog have been slow this past 2 weeks with my recent Diagnosis and news, but I have made many decisions and the main one is that I will not let this get me down or slow me down! I am determined to show my children a great summer and bring you guys many great Summer reviews ( We are hoping to visit 7 cities and do reviews from each city) as well as all kinds of summer fun products you can do at home with your kiddo's young and old!

I plan to showcase luxury properties as well as budget friendly places to stay and visit and some great stay cation ideas as well. 

What are your summer plans? How many kids do you have? Do you know of a place we should visit and write about?

My treatment plan will be a little different than many people end up doing, so I will have 7 days on, 21 days off...which means 3 months of summer with 21 days each month to play and write!

I have also made it my goal to write at least 2 blog post per day regardless. Big or small, you will get something from me 5 days per week ( maybe even 7 ) two times per day!

Thank you all so much for bearing with me, and let's get this party started because I have so much in store for you the next 3 days including some awesome reviews and giveaways!

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