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11:27 AM

I know you all are expecting great things the remainder of this month, and I aim to please, so I hope I can exceed your expectations!

It's been a week since Dustin left and the kids are really missing him, of course,I am missing him like crazy too...We have had one 45 second phone call which was last Tuesday night but hoping for a call this week with his address because I can't wait to send him mail. Go ARMY!

As you can see by my post, we visited Dollywood last Wednesday and it was such fun for the kiddo's and I got some much needed exercise even if I was worn but the next day, it was worth it to see the smiles my kids had.

I just realized this morning, we normally plan a 4 day Vacation for the 4th of July and last year we went to Myrtle Beach, however, this year with my illness and so much other stuff going on I had totally forgotten until the Girls ask me where we were going. I started checking around and at this late date everything is super expensive or totally booked, so I guess we will be staying home,which  is depressing!

The Kids really want to go to Hershey Park this year, and I would love to put that on my Summer Vacation Series but so far, no word back from them. I thought about looking in to a Cabin at Dollywood/Splash Country for those 3 nights but I am sure they are booked up as well.

What are your plans for the 4th?   Do you have any ideas on what I can do to make it fun for the kids? This is usually the only time we can take 5 days off in a row in the Summer and I would like to do something fun with them. With our business being here at our home, we tend to work if we are here and Chris needs a break s well.

The treatment on Friday kicked my butt but did not knock me down! I decided yesterday I wanted to lay out by the pool for an hour or so and just relax and read, so I set my Lawn chair out and looked to make sure no unwanted pest or anything were around, then the wind started blowing and all I could smell was Dog poo...somehow i had missed that big pile right under where I set my chair and the flies were crazy! I knew it had to be Caesar leaving me this gift because unlike the other dogs, I can't seem to get him to understand that he needs to go in a certain area so we can wash it away/clean it up and I have to tell the kids constantly to watch out when heading to the pool. All of my dogs were easy to train but Caesar just has a mind of his own...not to mention he really loved Cassie's swimsuit he found on the fence drying last night.

We hope to visit Splash Country next week, we really wanted to this week but the 2 days I do not have the baby it is suppose to rain :(

So, what is on your agenda and do you have any special days or vacations planned?

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