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What an Adventure we had!

As you all know I made is a mission this Summer to make this a memorable Summer with my kids not only with local attractions but several weekend getaways as well. I have to admit, living in this area for 10 years, we had only been to Dollywood once before and that was several years ago. Boy what a surprise we got, we truly were missing out on a wonderful place right in our backyard.

 Now, I have to be honest, my kids wanted to visit Splash Country before Dollywood, but Mom made this decision and they were not half as excited as I expected them to be.  

I took myself and the 4 kids and we also had some friends who are new to the area who came along. 

 We headed in to the Park and experienced smiles and awesome customer service right off the bat at the booth where you pay to park. Parking price was exactly what I expected and what you would pay anywhere else, if not a bit less at only $10 per vehicle or $15 for RV parking.

Once you get parked they have Trams that stop in each parking area that will take you directly to the entrance of the park. The Tram drivers were funny and informative at the same time, and the best part is that if you have a disabled car such as a dead battery , flat tire, etc, they will get help right out to you free of charge and get you back on your way.
Ticketing was a simple process and the lines were moving quick, overall it took me less than 5 minutes to get our tickets and proceed in to the park. This was a pleasant surprise because most places you can expect at least a thirty minute wait in line just for tickets and entering the park. ( They had every ticket booth and line open and it was a Wednesday)

Now, My son Alek, who is 15 , has always been afraid of Roller Coasters, which I admit was partly my fault and a story for a different day, so he was probably the least excited of all 4 kids about our outing to Dollywood. However, at the end of the day, he was the one who could not stop talking about how much fun he had. Chase, who is 13, talked Alek in to going on the first Roller Coaster ride, The Thunderhead . Chase had never been on  a Roller coaster before and he was excited to get on them all. They rode the Thunderhead and Alek was Hooked , the two boys rode every ride in the Park after that and were not ready to leave when the Park was closing. They even rode the awesome new Roller Coaster, The Wild Eagle which is America's first wing coaster, the first ride of its kind in the U.S.

 The Wild Eagle does not have the Train on it's tracks but instead seats riders on either side so there is nothing but air above and below the rider! This was an awesome ride to see, and even though I personally did not ride, every person coming off that ride seemed to have loved it. You can see much more about this ride at

Golden Ticket Award - Best New Ride
Thrilling Family Adventures at Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN

Another great thing I can say about every ride at Dollywood is that even though it was packed inside the park, the wait for all the rides was very short. The longest we waited for any ride was 22 minutes and that was a very Popular Water Ride, The Smoky Mountain River Rampage, and considering it was 92 degree outside I can see why so many wanted on the ride. I liked it because even the smaller kids could ride and get wet on this one and feel like they were a part of a big kid ride as well.

I loved the fact that throughout the entire park, everyone who worked there was dressed in period dress. The Ladies had very authentic long dresses with petticoats and hoops, and the men were dressed in theme as well.

Throughout the park were the most amazing smells, especially the smell of the Cinnamon Bread which as it happens, was some of the best I have ever eaten.  The food was not as expensive as I would have expected. We chose to eat at Red's Drive-In where we had the most amazing Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches!  Of course we also had to make a stop  at a few other places as well for snacks such as Funnel Cakes, Cinnamon Bread, Cotton Candy and Ice Cream Parfaits.

So, back to the rides, The County Fair was where Myself, My friend Kaci and the younger kid spent a lot of our time. Meagan, being special needs and 16 years old , is a bit afraid of rides but loved that they actually allowed her to ride the smaller rides in the County Fair area. That impressed me because I cannot tell you how many times we have been told no over the years to her being allowed to ride the smaller rides but the workers were super nice and made it a fun experience for her and for that I applaud them! Meagan was able to ride the rides with Cassidy and our friend's children as well who were 3,8 and 9. There were many rides to choose from and they rode several of them.

Cassidy also found her love of Roller Coasters that day, as she rode the Tennessee Tornado, the Park's fastest Roller Coaster, as well as the Blazing Fury, and many more rides. I love it when my kids have fun, and this is a day we will all remember well.  All of the kids had an amazing time and thanked me for taking them and said they could not wait to go back again. Of course, I was thrilled considering they started the day sot so excited and ended the day with huge smiles and memories.
Dollywood also has some great places for the kids ( And Adults such as myself) to go and cool off without getting on the bigger rides. They have fans that blow a mist of water throughout the park as well as Owen's Farm where they kids have an interactive water area to play in, which once again, Meagan was allowed to play in most areas there a well.

Dollywood also has many great shows throughout the day such as the Great American Country Show, Smoky Mountain String Band, The Little Engine Playhouse and Wings of America Birds of Prey. You will definitely want to make time to catch a few shows when you visit. 

 One Cool FriendThe Great American Country Show

You can't forget to take a ride on the Dollywood Express. This amazing train ride takes you through 5 miles of the most awesome views the Great Smoky Mountains has to offer. It's also a great way to give smaller kids  a chance to sit back and relax and have a few minutes of downtime. The train runs once an hour throughout the day.
You can also find many handmade crafts  such as hand-forged steel, The Gist Mill, Hand blown glass and so much more right inside Dollywood. It's like a town all in itself.

Honestly, Dollywood has so much to offer that I highly recommend planning for more than one day at the Park so you can fully experience all it has to offer. I would love to have had another day at least just to really take it all in. I wish I would have did what my friend Kaci did and turned my day tickets in and paid a few dollars more for a season pass. That is a big plus and for that small amount of money we could be going back every week and I would have tons of great post for you. You can actually purchase a season pass for less than the cost of 2 day passes!

I can't wait to experience Dollywood's Splash Country next and tell you ll about it. We went several years ago and the kids loved it but now that they are older, they will truly get the full experience. I think it would be awesome to stay in Dollywood Cabins and enjoy both Dollywood and Dollywood's Splash Country for an entire weekend, my kids would have a blast!
If you are planning a vacation this Summer or even in the Fall, I highly recommend a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains and Dollywood, where you will have some great experiences in an amazing Themepark that is like no other you have been too and you never know who might visit the park, maybe you will meet Dolly herself!. I know we will be going back for years to come. I also hope to visit the Dixie Stampede and a few other places in the Smokies as well..and stay tuned for my visit to Dollywood's Splash Country!
Dollywood also offers Military Discounts , After 3 next Day Free and many other special offers.You can learn more about Dollywood and purchase tickets online .
You can also visit the Dollywood Facebook page and see how much fun everyone is having as well as any special events going on!

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