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My Girls had such a blast with this! 
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The Sprayza Fabric Fashion Airbrush Large Kit was not only easy for them to use, but fun. I loved the shirts they created for themselves and it really brought out the creative side in both of them.

The  Sprayza Fabric Fashion Airbrush Large Kit  from Melissa & Doug helps kids to airbrush beautiful, and creative designs on most anything including t-shirts, sweatpants, jeans, sweatshirts, and hats! This Airbrush kit requires no batteries or any electricity and is powered by your kids. 

I always  tell Cassidy that she is full of hot air, so this time she got the chance to prove it and she had a blast with it. I was super impressed with what a beautiful job she and Meagan did. This is not only art, design, creativity, and concentration skill inducing, but extremely entertaining!

This kit comes with 8 Sprayza markers, great for clothing and fabric design of any kind, as well as 11 sticky back cute stencils in a variety of sizes, and one instruction booklet, full of information on the use of this marker airbrush kit

My Girls loved  Sprayza Fabric Fashion Airbrush Large kit, and can't wait to make their next creation which I think will be hats for those Summer days playing outside or just simply to look cute! 

Now, the nitty gritty. You can use this kit as markers or as Airbrush. We did find that for large projects it was a bit much to constantly blow in to the Airbrush sprayer so the girls split it up and used the Airbrush some and then just used the markers as normal markers some as well. The stencils were simply great and the sticky backs on them made it great for the girls to use without me constantly running back and forth trying to help them keep them in place because they simply stuck right to the fabric and were easy to peel off once they finished with them. The stencils can be used over and over as well, so that is a huge plus.

The Markers were very vibrant and perfect for kids to use. They also washed off easily when they got them on their hands. Obviously, it's best not to get them on your skin but, kids will be kids and it will happen, so rest assured that they will wash off.

My Girls created beautiful T-shirts and I really was impressed. Meagan loves doing arts and crafts and being a special needs child, I love to encourage her to do them because it's what she most enjoys, so I will make sure to keep this kit on hand and will not hesitate to purchase another one when the markers run out because they truly did enjoy this, more so than many other crafts we have done in the past.

I love all the great toys and crafts you can find at Educational Toys Planet and the prices cannot be beat. The Fashion Crafts are great and I have been looking through them today to see what we can do next. I think getting a few to have on hand for rainy days this summer is a great idea as well as stocking up for Christmas and those cold winter days when we have nothing to do.

Take a look at the finished product my girls made, my artist in training!

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