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9:47 AM

Good Morning!

I feel like I have been sadly lacking on posting these past few weeks and I am excited that I have the energy and motivation today to get a few things done for the Blog. ALL fan prizes will be emailed by tonight and all Prizes will go in the mail today. Finally! Thank you all for being so patient with me.

I wanted to share some good news, at least good news to me. The tumor on my brain is not Malignant! God is good! I do still have a long road ahead of me, and most likely they will have to remove the tumor, we are waiting on several more test results to see the exact size of the tumor and exactly how it is positioned, but I have faith that I can weather this storm. I had testing this morning and they did not give me any of the pitying looks I have been getting so I think that's a good sign!

 have not been doing such a good job of taking care of family things and find the energy and desire to cook and clean has been sadly non existent. My office is a mess and we have lost some business due to the fact I have been sick and had Dr.'s appt's, so we have to decide what our next step is. We can't afford to really hire someone full time, but may end up hiring someone to answer the phone a few hours a week if we can somehow manage it .

We are still working on the Anniversary giveaway. I really wanted to combine everything in to one giveaway but it seems our sponsors have a different idea and want their own post, so alas, we will be having many giveaways and one huge giveaway. So I want to know....

For the large giveaway, do you guys want 1 winner for it all or several winners? The total for the big giveaway is around $1375.00 and the others including the 2 already posted total around $1800 which will all have separate winners. So winner or many winners?

It's been a week today since I spoke with Dustin, but I loved getting to see a picture posted on Alpha Companies Facebook page with him right in front. It's hard to believe he has been gone almost 3 weeks. I still miss him so much and we have another 15 weeks to go before basic is over.

So start looking for more post in the next couple of days, let's get this party started!

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