Helping Special Needs Children Adjust and Understand

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When Dustin first left 4 days ago, I could not find the right words it seemed to help Meagan understand that he would be coming back. It has been really hard on her and at least once per hour she ask about her Big Brother.

We have often times found that the best way to help her understand change is to take her mind off of the situation that is bothering her, except this time, it did not really work out so well. Just this morning she ask what if Baby Asher grew up and went to the Army like Dustin and I told her that would be a great thing and that we would be so proud of him, and she smiled her Beautiful smile. 

It seems her biggest worry has been abut War and while I cannot bring myself to tell her that he will; never have to go to War, I am trying to find alternate ways to help her through this. I have told her that she will get to see him again in October, although we have no idea what day, I got a Calendar for her to mark off days so she will know when October gets closer. I also plan to buy some special paper and such so she can start writing him letters. Meagan and Cassie already have so much they can't wait to tell him and it's only been 4 days.

I have found that most all special needs children are different in how you can soothe them and take away the worry they have. You can read textbooks, written words by others and always try what they suggest but all of those things may not apply to your child if he or she is special needs. You have to find what works for you and for them.

Meagan's biggest thing is to clean and organize the pantry and she has done that daily since Dustin has been gone, I feel like that is one way she is coping with her Brother being out of touch for awhile.

I have many people who ask is she Autistic, well, the truth is, she is, but her biggest thing is she is Apraxic, which I am betting you aer shaking your head and asking what is Apraxia? Apraxia is a Speech and small motor disorder that many children grow out of as they get in to their teen years, but with Meagan, she is severe Apraxic and will never grow out of it. She will be 17 in the fall, and she is truly an Angel sent to us. I have heard people say how rare Apraxia is, but the truth is that it is not so rare, it just isn't as widely known as Autism.

So how do you help your Special needs Child understand change? It's never easy for them but you can find ways that help and what works for them. You also must have the patience of A Saint, and I can say honestly that I have days where I get so frustrated and just wish for an hour of me time.

Meagan is my shadow, where I g, she goes. I often find her waiting outside the door when I go to the bedroom or bathroom. Today, we have spent so much time of the Fort Benning website that it has made me sad again missing Dustin as well, but I made a point of showing her the fun stuff where he is and she seems to think maybe he is having fun ( We all know Boot Camp is not fun, but if it helps her, then I can make it sound fun! )

All in all, I think she is starting to adjust, every time the phone rings she will jump up and ask if it is Dustin calling. No matter what, I would not have things any other way because Megan is Meagan and she is our special child whom we all adore and will do what it takes to help her every step of the way in life.

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