Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Review

8:41 PM

 Sally Hansen

I simply love Sally Hansen Airbrush legs!

I have used many self tanners over the past few years and always end up disappointed. Sally Hansen Airbrush legs have become a huge hit with me. I always tan easily, but being out in the Sun  so much is not only unhealthy but impossible for me this Summer. 

In other Self Tanners and Bronzers I have used in years past, I find that they rub off on my clothing, look orange or simply just look fake. That is not the case with Sally Hansen Airbrush legs.

I have had so many compliments on my tan this year, and I proudly tell them it's not a tan it's Airbrush legs

Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs are also the most affordable Self Tanner and Bronzer I have found on the market. A little goes a long way. 

I tried two different shades, the Medium and the Bronzer and have been duly impressed with both. It is very easy to apply and only takes a few minutes. You simply squirt a little in to your hands and apply to wherever you want it.. I mainly use it on my legs. Rub it in thoroughly doing either the top or bottom section of your legs first like you would apply any other lotion or moisturizer, then do the other half of your legs. Once i have applied it on the upper and lower parts of my legs I apply another small dab on my hands and go over my entire leg to blend it in well and make sure I am not leaving any lines. 

Sally Hansen Airbrush legs is honestly the most authentic looking Self Tanner and Bronzer I have found. 

It also moisturizes my legs or wherever I apply it without having to use any additional products. 

Last weekend I had a family reunion and it was very hot outside and I knew I would be wearing shorts the entire weekend so I applied the bronzer before leaving home on Friday afternoon. We had a three and a half hour drive and my AC in my Suburban was out so I was afraid it would run or rub off in the sweaty ride but it looked awesome still when we arrived. I took a shower that evening and it still looked good afterwards and continued to look good all weekend without having to reapply any at all. You could see on Sunday that it was starting to come off but only on the top of my feet where my sandals had rubbed it all weekend. 

As you can see in the picture below, my tan looks natural!


Most other products come off as soon as you shower or get sweaty so this was a double plus for me to know that it would withstand the heat, the sweat, the showers and last all weekend.

You can find Sally Hansen Airbrush legs in most any Grocery Store, Drug Store or big box store for less than $10.00 which will easily last you the entire summer. I tried the lotion and not the spray bottle but I am sure you would have great success with the spray as well. 

I would have to say that I give this product a 10, and I don't give many products a rating as high as that so make sure you pick up some Airbrush legs this summer so you can have an amazing tan without he hassle and harmful rays of the sun!

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