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8:18 AM

Good Morning!

I wanted to take some time this morning to write a little about what has been going on with my life these past couple of weeks and let you know what we have coming up and what you can expect from the Blog.

As many of you know, the past 6 weeks have been a roller coaster ride around my house, emotionally and physically. First I had some bad news and a diagnosis of Lung Cancer which is metastatic, meaning it had spread from my left lung to my right lung, but thankfully, I am in early stages and they caught it by accident and with the proper treatments and such, I have a great prognosis. Next we had Graduation from High School for 2 of our boys, then a Family Reunion, and now 7 days from today, Dustin leaves for boot Camp.

Long before my diagnosis, I had planned a great summer for the other 5 kids at home to help us adjust to Dustin being away and I am not going to let a little sickness get me down and ruin our plans. I know it's early in my treatments and he worst is still to come, but over the past week, my attitude has changed a lot and I am determined to make this one great summer. 

I plan to bring you guys a series of Vacation/Staycation ideas that we will personally be visiting over the next 12 to 14 weeks or so. These places will be kid friendly and not only that, they will be special needs kid and adult friendly, because as you know, we have Meagan who is 16 and Special needs.

I have also been ask to write for a popular Kids magazine a 4 part series of places to take your kids this Summer and I will be starting that off with  trip to Wilderness of the Smokies next week which you will find on the blog and next month in the Magazine which I will be sharing with you guys as well. Many of the places I have lined up so far are local to me but will also be great for all of you looking for some great Summer Vacations here in the Beautiful Smoky Mountains. 

We have several trips to Wilderness of the Smokies planned including a 3 day stay as well as trips to Dollywood and Splash Country . I also have a great post coming up from the Knoxville Zoo and the pictures I took are amazing.
A few of the trips we plan to take are uncharted so far, but we do plan to visit the Cincinnati Zoo as well, and I am looking for 3 more places to  visit and review to include in the blog and in my Magazine series.

So as readers, if you have a place you really are interested in, shoot me a message and I will contact them to see if they are interested, or if you know of places that are just great and want to pass on the info to me, that would be wonderful. If you post on Facebook on my page about these places, make sure to tag both SFS and the Place as well so they know you are referring them to me!

I did get way behind on a few reviews, so I am trying to get caught up this week, you may see so many contest coming that your head will spin!

Just to name a few of the reviews I have coming up:

Sprout Cups
Educational Toy Planet
Zipz Shoes
Merlot Skin Care
Several Exercise Items
Nutrisystem ( Which has been amazing with m illness. Simply Awesome)

and so much more!

I also have the 1 year Blog anniversary coming up on June 12th, which will kick off a 19 day series of giveaways with some wonderful sponsors with prizes that total over $3000 and.............

Guess what my biggest news is?

Through the entire month of July, you my readers will have a chance to enter to win a mini Vacation for 4 for 2 nights and 3 days which will include lodging, gas cards, food gift certificates, attraction tickets and more !

What is even better? The company who is providing this says that if I get to 5000 Facebook fans and 2000 Twitter fans by the end of July, they will give 2 of these away. Gas card value will be $250, so that should cover travel for most anywhere!

So again, Thank you all for staying around. I know I lost over 100 fans these past 6 weeks since I got sick. That's why I decided to reward the ones who stick around through sickness and health lol. 

On one last note...Many of you have won prizes from me over the past few weeks that I have not shipped out. I will be working on getting those out in the next few days, please do not hesitate to remind me you won something, actually, I would love it if you do remind me if it has been more than 3 weeks.

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