Adopt A Soldier in Training

8:38 PM

As you all know, before Brie got sick she wanted to start a program where we could adopt a Soldier in Training who got little or no support from home as far as letters go.

This is not something that will cost you money other than an envelope and a stamp and a few minutes of your time to write a letter. We now have 11 soldiers who could use some mail and cheering up. As time progresses and you want to send care packages, as soon as the Drill Sargents allow we can let you know but at this time other than letters, all they can receive is writing utencils, papers, stamps and envelopes, moleskin for boots, laundry tabs ( no gel) tide stain pens or shout stain remover pads, etc.

If you are interested please let us know. I am also including Bridget's  Son for a week or two to get mail because even though she has been writing, not as much as normal, but he does not know about her surgery so you cannot mention that.

I cannot post the actual addresses on the internet but I will list names and you can pm me and I will send address for you.

PFC Williams, Dustin #450
Spc Wilcox, Jason #449

Aberaham Takeshi, Roster #429
Jaime Salano, Roster #456
We have 7 more I am working on putting in the list



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